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Modern Bedroom Furniture: The Best Pieces to Add to Your Bedroom

Modern Bedroom Furniture: The Best Pieces to Add to Your Bedroom

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms. In fact, the average person in the US spends 11 hours in bed per day.

While the kitchen may be the heart of the home, your bedroom is your personal sanctuary—your most private space. Unfortunately, the fact that not a lot of people are in and out of your bedroom can often mean it's the last room in the house to get the TLC it deserves.

Ready to change that? The good news is that with a few well-thought-out pieces of modern bedroom furniture, you can spruce up your space in no time at all. 

Want some guidance on which are the best items of modern bedroom furniture to incorporate in your layout? Keep reading for some tips on what's hot and what's not. 

A Modern Bed Frame

The focal point of any bedroom when it comes to its furniture has to be the bed. This holds true for both form and function!

For this reason, one of the most important bedroom furniture pieces is your bed base or bed frame. Are you still sleeping on a boxy divan base? If so, it's time for a change. 

Gone are the days of the high, chunky bed base aesthetic. Instead, low profile, slim designs have been taking over the master bedroom furniture scene. Slatted bed frames are experiencing a surge of popularity thanks to their minimalistic and simple design.

While divan bed bases have not disappeared completely, they too have slimmed down and gotten closer to the ground. After an upgraded and more modern divan for your bedroom? If so take a look at the Homebase Foundation

Another style of bed base that is huge at the moment is the platform base. Inspired from eastern design, platform bases appear to hover above the floor, and yield a strip of extra space between the mattress and the edge of the base.

Another area of focus when it comes to modern bedroom decor is natural materials. Think distressed and reclaimed wood, as well as white oiled wood, whitewashed wood, and weathered gray. 

To nail the trend, make sure you stay away from laminate materials and plastic molded bed base legs when shopping for bed bases. 

Besides the bed base, while you are furnishing your bedroom you'll also want to think about your mattress. Survey results reveal, not surprisingly, that for 92% of people, a comfortable mattress is essential for good sleep. 

If your mattress is not cutting it (or should we say cushioning it) head on over to our mattress department without delay.

Complimenting Bedside Tables

Moving on over, the next mainstay furniture item in the bedroom has to be bedside tables and nightstands.

Previously, side tables followed pretty conventional lines of design. 

However, in the last decade or so, interior decorators and homemakers have turned the bedside table on its head. From stacks of reclaimed books to brick and wood designs, anything goes nowadays. 

However, a few things go particularly well right now when it comes to bedside tables and nightstands. These include:

  • Open storage
  • Minimalistic lines
  • Floating nightstands
  • Mid-century modern legs

If you need a cheatsheet for nailing the look, think simple, streamlined, and basic. 

As with bed bases, another hot trend in bedside tables and nightstands is natural materials, like raw wood and reclaimed wood looks

A Storage Bench

If you are short on storage but have a little extra floor space, one of the best bedroom furniture ideas to consider is a storage bench. 

The handy thing about storage benches is they combine three functions into one furniture piece. They add seating, visual interest, and (you guessed it) storage all in one go. 

With the right storage bench in place, you can have a spot to store extra blankets or bedding, a bench to decorate with pillows, and a convenient place to sit and put your shoes on. 

If you are unsure of where to put a storage bench, there are two main places to choose from. You can either position it along a wall with a shelf or some artwork over the top, or you can place it at the foot of your bed. 

However, if you go for the latter option, make sure that you measure the height of the bench and the top of your mattress to make sure the bench isn't higher. 

An Accent Chair

Speaking of seating, nothing can complete a bedroom more than a well-chosen accent chair. Accent chairs are perfect for filling up awkward corners and making one's bedroom feel fully furnished. 

They act as a strong decor piece, while also giving you a spot to sit or to throw your coat, purse, scarf, etc. 

When looking for an accent chair, be sure to measure out the spot where you want it to go. That way you can gauge what size chair will fill it best. Make sure you avoid overly large choices, as too big of a chair may make your space feel cramped. 

When it comes to style and design, simple lines will probably tie in best with any other modern furniture you have in your bedroom. 

Storage Solutions

To keep the clutter at bay, it's essential to have enough storage in your bedroom. Master bedroom furniture/storage solution ideas can be anything from dressers to chests of drawers, basket-filled cube shelves, shoe storage benches, etc. 

To decide what exactly will work best, evaluate your needs and your space. If your main issue is small items, trinkets, jewelry, etc, you might want to opt for a piece of furniture with shallow drawers. On the other hand, if you struggle with large items cluttering up your bedroom, storage baskets and shelving might be a good solution. 

Are You Hunting for Unique and Modern Bedroom Furniture?

Furnishing a bedroom doesn't have to be difficult, but you do need to have the right pieces. 

Are you looking for modern bedroom furniture that is unique and inspiring? If so, be sure to browse our selection of bedroom furniture

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