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Common Pillow Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Common Pillow Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

93% of Americans believe that a comfortable mattress makes for a good night's sleep. The mattress is essential, but it's only half the story. Your pillows, blankets, and bedding can make or break your sleep quality.

The wrong pillows can cause backaches, misalignment, and muscle pain the next day. But many people are clueless when it comes to shopping for pillows! Next time you upgrade your pillow collection, keep these tips in mind.

Know Your Sleeping Position

Studies show that side sleeping is the most common position. In one study, 54.2% slept on their side, 37.5% on their back, and only 7.3% on their stomach. But there's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all pillow!

If you tend to snooze on your side, choose a firm pillow to keep your spine aligned. Back sleepers should opt for a medium-density pillow to avoid neck pain. Flat or soft options are best for stomach sleepers.

But what if you're a combination sleeper? Some people move around in their sleep and change positions. You could spend a lot of time and money testing pillows to find your ideal.

Or you can simplify the process by purchasing a customizable pillow! Our Easy Breather Memory Foam pillow comes overstuffed for your convenience. Just take out whatever amount of fill is right for you, and you have the perfect combination pillow!

Firm vs. Soft: What’s Ideal?

Speaking of firmness, there's an old misconception that firm is always best. Buyers often become overwhelmed with their options for pillows and default to a firm one. But this line of thinking isn't ideal, especially for therapeutic or memory foam pillows.

Because they maintain their shape more than filled pillows, having a too firm variety can cause major pains. Firmness for pillows should match your sleeping position and your mattress type!

Match Your Mattress Type

Imagine resting your head on a soft, fluffy cloud-like pillow while your body lays rigid on a firm mattress, and vice versa. You'll likely face a long night of tossing and turning! When in doubt, match your pillow type to your mattress type.

Firm pillow for firm mattresses and softer pillows for softer mattresses. This technique will ensure that your body position is correct and prevent aches. Check if the retailer offers pillow trial periods for a more accurate test.

Consider Your Bed Size

You have a king-size bed, so you should be buying king-size pillows, right? Well, that's actually more of an aesthetic choice than anything else. Your bed size doesn't have much to do with your pillow size.

Instead, focus on finding a pillow size that works for you. Ensure it provides support, keeps your spine aligned, and feels comfortable. Sure, your king-size bed might look a bit strange with twin-size pillows, but your neck and back will thank you.

Pillow Prices Matter

Comparing pillow prices is essential when shopping for the best options. Depending on your shopper personality, you might be looking for the best deal, or you may stick with buying luxury pillows. But pillow shopping is one of the few times where prices don't always equal quality.

Some people seek out big designer fashion brands when purchasing their pillows. Little do they realize that a pillow manufacturer is making the product, not the designer! Brand names don't equate to high-quality production.

At the same time, cheap multi-pack pillows seem like a great deal. Two pillows for $19.99 is a steal! But considering how much testing and materials go into pillow production, you won't be sleeping on a quality pillow for that price.

So, the best option is somewhere in the middle! But more important than price is the feeling you get when you try the pillow out. If it feels right, go with your instinct!

Don’t Fall For Non-Essential Features

Technology isn't the only gimmick in the pillow world. Brands often include non-essential information to lure you into believing their product is the best. One common example of this is a high-thread-count pillow cover.

When it comes to bedding, a high thread count is something most people desire. But are you ever going to feel your naked pillow? Instead, pair your pillow with a high-quality pillowcase that will actually touch your hair and skin!

Investing in silk pillowcases is a much better way to spend your money than on pillows with luxe covers. The benefits of silk include smoother hair, softer skin, and a cooling feeling.

High Tech Pillows or Gimmick?

High-technology pillows that feature cooling gels and allergen protection particles are very cool. But these trendy products are often of sub-par quality, decorated with fancy designs, and sold through marketing gimmicks.

Do you really need a charcoal-infused pillow with a cooling gel outer layer? Probably not! When choosing a pillow, focus on what really matters: firmness, quality, and comfort.

Pick up a Pillow Protector

Take a deep breath before reading this statistic. Ready? Sleep experts estimate that 10% of your pillow's weight is made up of dead dust mites and their droppings.

Instead of swearing off pillows forever, invest in a pillow protector! Too many people make the mistake of putting their covers straight on. This oversight creates a perfect habitat for mites, allergens, and mold spores.

Waterproof pillow protectors with zippers are an ideal protection choice. Not sure if it's time for a new pillow? You might want to upgrade if your current set is showing any of these signs of wear.

Goodbye Pillow Shopping Mistakes, Hello Better Sleep!

We've all made pillow shopping mistakes before. Grabbing a firm pillow because our parents told us it's the best option. Or picking the cheapest option because "the mattress is more important."

It's time to break that cycle! Head to our pillow shop to find your perfect set. We even have a travel pillow option to give you the best mid-flight nap you've ever experienced.