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The Benefits of Buying a Mattress Protector for Your Sleep

The Benefits of Buying a Mattress Protector for Your Sleep

Are you looking to optimize your sleep environment?

Buying a bed can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Something that should be as important as buying a mattress is buying a mattress protector.

There are many reasons and benefits for doing this. They keep your bed clean and stain-free. This can save you from serious health hazards and prolong the durability of your bed.

High-quality mattress protectors also increase the comfort level of your bed. Not sure if a mattress protector is worth it? For a full guide to the benefits of buying a mattress protector, read on.

Keeps Your Bed Clean

One of the most important reasons behind buying a mattress protector is cleanliness. Sweat, dust, and bacteria will make their home on your bed over time.

Cleaning your bed and bedding often is necessary. That said, it isn't as easy as you'd think. No matter how hard you vacuum or wipe, it can be almost impossible to do a deep clean of your mattress.

Micro debris and bacteria can seep deep into your mattress, causing odors and even mold. Your natural body oils and sweat can go through fitted sheets and absorb into your mattress.

A mattress protector helps you avoid this problem. There are a variety of options available. Most are waterproof, making them perfect for dealing with sweat and oils.

Some mattress protectors are thin or thick or come with cooling or moisture-wicking technology. There's sure to be one out there for you and your needs. The main takeaway is you can remove the protector and throw it in the wash.

Avoid Stains

If you don't have a mattress protector, it isn't a question of if your bed will stain but when. If you have a habit of eating on your bed, a mattress protector is a must.

Sauces, in particular, will leave a stain and soak deep into your mattress. You shouldn't forget about your natural sweat, body oils, dead skin cells, and dangerous bacteria. There are two layers to this problem that mattress protector features can help with.

Looks and Health

The first is the question of aesthetics and the other of health. Stains look ugly and unsightly. Anyone that sees them will judge you as if you never clean or change your sheets.

The problem is some stains are so bad that no amount of washing will get them out. You can avoid this problem before it happens by getting a waterproof mattress protector. This will make sure that any stains don't go deep into your mattress where it's near impossible to deep clean.

Your fitted sheets and protector can always go in the washing machine or for a soak in the tub with baking soda. Your whole mattress can't do that.

The other major factor we mentioned is health. The fact of the matter is moisture and other related stains trapped in your bed can cause hazards. You could turn your mattress into a breeding ground for bacteria.

It's even possible to see dangerous molds growing under your fitted sheet. Ignoring that brown or yellowing stain isn't an option. If you mess up your protector so much that it can't get cleaned, you can always replace it.

The alternative would be replacing the whole mattress because you didn't have a protector. Protecting mattresses from stains is easier and more affordable.


There's another element to mattress protectors. This is the fact that they help in improving sleeping comfort. Many of them come with padding, and some even incorporate memory foam.

There are other comfort-related features as well. We mentioned moisture-wicking technology above, but it is a true game-changer. Hot sleepers can also enjoy protectors made with breathable materials.

Your ability to get a good night's sleep is a pretty big deal. Another thing that could hinder that is allergies. The good news is hypoallergenic mattress protectors are also pretty common.

With all the hair, dander, and dead skin cells that can pile up in your bed, this is super important. It should be clear that getting a mattress protector doesn't have to come at the expense of comfort. Most good quality options get designed to meet an important criterion.

This criterion is virtual invisibility. If a mattress does its job right, you shouldn't even feel it's there. It should offer all the protection from moisture, bacteria, allergies, and stains without being noticeable at all.


The final point about mattress protectors is how they help prolong your bed's longevity. We talked about health concerns associated with stains and dirty mattresses. We also talked about how hard it is to keep them clean without a protector.

There's another key distinction to make here. This is the fact that all that dirt and nastiness can wear down your bed over time. Certain stains, molds, and bacteria can even eat away at the fabric or material of your mattress.

After a while, this could compromise the integrity and comfort level of your bed. This is true even if you bought an expensive memory foam mattress. You also need to consider what all the constant cleaning might do to your mattress.

The only way you could hope to clean a mattress is by scrubbing it by hand. The process of doing this will cause wear and tear to your mattress over time.

Mattress protectors are easier to clean and replace than an entire mattress. Do yourself a favor and prolong the durability of your bed by getting a mattress protector.

The Benefits of Buying a Mattress Protector

There are many benefits of buying a mattress protector. It shouldn't even be a discussion of yes or no, but rather about which one is right for you. A good mattress protector keeps your bed clean and free of ugly and dangerous stains.

It also helps increase your bed's comfort level and how long it lasts. That said, if you're going to look into getting the right mattress protector, you gotta know where to start. At Nest Bedding, we have the experience and selection you need, so contact us today.