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Give Mom the Gift of Rest and Relaxation This Mother's Day

Give Mom the Gift of Rest and Relaxation This Mother's Day

You can't put a price on love, except on Mother's Day, when revenue exceeds 30 billion dollars

Giving your mom the perfect Mother's Day gift can be quite a chore, but don't worry, there are plenty of great ideas available. Gifts for mom can be anything fun and fancy, to rest and relaxation. 

If you're looking for Mother's Day gift ideas, here are 10 suggestions to help mom get a good night's sleep. 

1. Mattress

Your mom works hard. Why not go all-out this Mother's Day and get her a brand-new mattress? 

Giving a mattress as a gift is an excellent choice because it contributes to her health and the quality of her lifestyle. If she's having trouble sleeping, it's challenging to do just about anything. With a new mattress, your mom will feel comfy, cozy, and calm, get a better night's sleep, and love getting some extra rest. 

2. Bedsheets

With a new mattress, your mom will love some new bedsheets! But people can be very picky about their bedsheets, so make sure you know what your mom likes first. 

Be sure that you have the size of the sheets correct. Next, consider the fabric; while there are a variety of fabrics, cotton is always a great choice. Look at the color, patterns, and thread count to make sure that you have high-quality sheets that will last for years!

3. Blankets

Blankets are always a welcoming gift for mom and provide an extremely relaxing experience while reading a book or watching a movie. 

Choosing a blanket is tricky as well, but generally speaking, go with a color, pattern, or fabric choice that you think she'll appreciate. You could even look for a comforter set that contains a comforter blanket, pillow shams, sheets, and so forth. This way, everything is uniform and themed. 

4. Relaxation Kit

Looking forward to relaxing at the end of the day is something mom's always looking forward to! Moms wear a lot of hats: mom, career woman, homemaker, and so forth. What better way to say, "Thanks, Mom!" than to encourage that relaxation with a relaxation kit?

While you can purchase pre-made kits, you can also piece together your own, which may be more meaningful. Think about including tea, bath bubbles, bath bombs or salts, essential oils, scrubbing gloves, lotions, and so forth. Putting it together yourself means choosing scents that mom loves, so it has a more personal tone to it. 

5. Sleep Set

What's more relaxing than getting in pajamas or comfy clothes? And mom would certainly love a chance to kick back in some cozy bottoms, fuzzy slippers or socks, or a gorgeous pajama set!

Look for something that's in your mom's size, or that you know she would love. Consider items you can piece together, like a robe, slippers, socks, or anything else fun, like a piece of clothing that's relaxing and comfortable. 

6. Sleep Mask

Is your mom sensitive to lights that cause her to have trouble sleeping? If so, consider getting your mom a sleep mask!

A sleep mask covers the eyes to keep extra light out for those who need a darker atmosphere to get the right amount of rest. Sleep masks don't have to be boring. There are plenty of options out there that fit your mom's personality and preference, so shop around and see what you can find!

7. Pillows

Pillows are another great gift for a mom to help her rest and relax. The right pillows provide the support and comfort she needs to get a good night's sleep or prop herself up with reading or watching TV. Either a sleeping pillow, arm pillow, neck pillow, or decorative pillow are options. 

If you're looking for a sleeping pillow, you might want to find out what kind she has and go in the same direction—especially if your mom is picky about her sleeping pillow. Or, if you don't know what she'd like, offer to take her shopping and let her choose!

8. Neck Massager

Mom could take a trip to the masseuse, but she could save money if you bought her her own next massager. 

A neck massager is an electric or battery-powered device that gives you a massage by itself. If your mom loves getting massages but is spending quite a bit of money on them, this could be a great way for her to enjoy a neck massage anytime she wants, without waiting for an appointment and saving money!

9. Sound Machine

Moms hear a lot of noise from children, jobs, emails, and so forth. Relaxing without noise can be challenging in a busy household or just when you're trying to sleep. 

A sound machine works to eliminate the noises and keep you calm and comfortable if you're trying to work or rest. It produces white noise (or other noises, like thunderstorms or calming melodies) to buffer out external distractions so you can focus. 

10. Essential Oil Diffuser

Nothing is more relaxing than scents that make you feel happy and uplifted! Using essential oils for this purpose is a great way to boost your mom's mood and may even offer some health benefits. 

An essential oil diffuser uses water to diffuse the oils into the air. Simply put drops of oil in the diffuser and your mom's room will be filling with lovely scents! It's a perfect way to relax and unwind. 

Rest and Relaxation For Mom

For Mother's Day, mom would love nothing more than the gift of rest and relaxation. By choosing from the gifts above, you can give your mom one of the best Mother's Day she's ever experienced!

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