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How to Move a Mattress: A Handy Guide

How to Move a Mattress: A Handy Guide

Are you in the middle of planning your next big move? Do you dread having to pick up your mattress and get it to the new location? If so, then you need to learn all you can about how to move a mattress the correct way.

If not done properly, you might end up tearing your mattress or getting it dirty from dragging it on the floor. This type of damage can be hard to restore once you get it to the new place.

See below for an in-depth guide on how to correctly move a mattress and get it to your new residence with ease.

1. Update That Mattress

Granted, this first step is a bit of a copout to moving a mattress. That said, a move is a great time to assess your current mattress and ask yourself one question: is it time to get a new one?

In other words, is your current mattress worth the effort? There are several telltale signs that you need to invest in a new mattress, such as:

  • You wake up with tension in your back or neck each night
  • You're finding it harder to fall asleep each night
  • You feel that your allergies are kicking in whenever you lay down
  • There is noticeable sagging in the mattress
  • You and your spouse feel like the bed is too firm or too soft for your comfort
  • There isn't enough space for you and your spouse to lay comfortably
  • You can see visible lumps in the mattress's body

The list goes on and on. Investing in a new mattress can get you even more excited for the move. Not to mention that, instead of hauling the mattress from one place to the next, you can have the new one delivered and assembled to your new residence.

2. Plan Accordingly

For those of you that are either moving a relatively new mattress or have decided that it's credible for the big move, it's time to start planning.

Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn't just pick up the mattress and set it in the moving truck as is. There are multiple problems with that thought process.

First, you need to measure the size of the mattress. If you know what size your mattress is, then this size guide can help you:

  • Full Mattress: 53 inches by 75 inches
  • Queen Mattress: 60 inches by 80 inches
  • King Mattress: 76 inches by 80 inches

Knowing the size of your mattress is crucial. It allows you to assess the size of the moving truck that you should get, as well as various other equipment for the move (more on that below).

The next thing you need to plan for is manpower. If you're not going to hire a professional moving company, then you'll need to have several hands on deck. Make sure that you're asking people at least two or three weeks out from the move. Then continuously remind them so that they don't forget.

How many people should you recruit? Depends on the size of the mattress. For a full mattress, you could get by with 2. For a queen, we recommend 3 to 4, and for a king mattress we recommend up to 5 people to avoid injury.

3. Invest in the Proper Equipment

Ask 10 different movers what you'll need to move a mattress, and you might get 10 different answers. We're here to set the record straight!

First, you'll need a mattress bag for moving. This will ensure that the mattress stays clean while being carried, as well as during transit. 

Next, you'll want to invest in a dolly. This can help you move the mattress with ease, as well as the bed frame, and many other furniture pieces at your house. 

You will also want to invest in cardboard. This is to be placed on one side of the mattress to provide support. Then, you wrap the mattress bag around it to ensure that the mattress stays upright and doesn't bend while on the truck.

4. Prepare the Moving Truck

Before you lift the mattress, you'll want to make sure the moving truck is ready to place the mattress inside. We typically recommend that it be placed upright, along the side of the trunk.

To prepare the moving truck, make sure the door(s) is open and that you dust off the area that you plan to place the mattress just in case the mattress bag slips off.

Don't store the mattress in a place where it will be bent during transit. Make sure it stands firm and upright to prevent long-term damage.

5. Plan Your Path

For those of you that have moved a mattress before, you know how heavy it can get. Its flexibility also makes for an awkward move, and it also is increasingly difficult to grab hold of. The mattress bag will make it all the more difficult to grab.

Clear out the quickest route to the moving truck. Remove any furniture or items that will be an obstacle when you carry the mattress.

If you have to turn too many times, the mattress bag might start to slip off. Make sure you have several hands there to guide the mattress to and from.

Move a Mattress for Your Needs Today

Now that you have seen the key steps to take whenever you're looking to move a mattress, be sure to use this information effectively.

Take the time to plan your move. How many furniture pieces do you need to move? How big will the truck need to be? Is professional moving worth the investment for your situation?

Be sure to browse our website for more information on moving mattresses, as well as many other topics that you will find helpful.