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How Long Should a Mattress Last on Average?

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Did you know that the lifespan of a mattress can change depending on what kind of material the mattress is made out of? It also depends on how well you take care of your mattress. Some mattresses can last 10 years while others can last more than 20 years, but how long should a mattress last on average?

Whatever the case, you should know when it's time to get a new mattress. That's because the longer you have your mattress, the more it will have the chance to hold onto dead skin cells, mites, hair, sweat, and other materials. Also, as a mattress gets older, its ability to support your body weakens and eventually, your mattress won't be as comfortable as it once was. 

Keep reading to learn more about the lifespan of a mattress and when it's time to go about replacing a mattress.

How Long Should a Mattress Last?

Latex mattresses are some of the longest-lasting mattresses out there. Some can last as long as 25 years, but of course, that's only if you take good care of them. Natural latex lasts longer than any other kind of latex.

For that reason, if you opt for synthetic or blended latex for your mattress, you might only get 10 years out of it instead of 20. However, you should keep in mind that natural latex mattresses can be quite expensive. Even so, you can consider the high price a good investment since the mattress will last you many years.

But if you never clean your mattress and never take any measures to ensure that it stays in good condition, it might only last half of that lifespan. 

Even the most durable types of mattresses don't last forever. In the same vein, memory foam mattresses also last a long time, usually a decade. They also are very durable and won't end up forming lasting indentations as spring mattresses can.

That's because memory foam mattresses are made of only a select few materials. For that reason, there is not a lot of opportunity for those materials to degrade over time. This is in contrast to other mattresses such as innerspring mattresses which are made of several other materials. 

Hybrid and innerspring mattresses tend to last 10 years or less. The problem with these mattresses is that they are prone to sagging. If your mattress starts to sag, it will no longer feel like you're being cradled by your mattress but rather swallowed up by it. 

But is the lifespan of a mattress really that simple? What determines whether a mattress lasts 5 years or 10 years? Keep reading to explore the signs that it's time to replace your mattress. 

Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Mattress

Buying a mattress can be expensive which is why you want to hold onto your mattress for as long as possible, but there is such a thing as holding onto a mattress for too long. At a certain point, holding onto your old mattress is no longer beneficial because it can no longer do its job the way it's meant to. For example, if your mattress is sinking in and is no longer comfortable, there's no point in holding onto it because it can no longer provide you with a good night's sleep.

After all, there's no point in waking up sore just to hold onto your old mattress. There are many signs besides an unsatisfying night of sleep that mean it's time to buy a new mattress. For example, try examining your mattress and check to see if any part of it looks strange. 

Most old mattresses will have a warped shape. More often than not, they will be lumpy in some places and sagging in other places. This is due to the cushioning inside shifting to different locations over the years. 

If your mattress has any tears or holes in it, you shouldn't hesitate to get a new mattress. Tears in the mattress can make it easier for critters like mites or bed bugs to crawl inside. It can also contribute to more lumpiness in the mattress later on. 

Another sign that it's time to replace your mattress is that your allergies are acting up. This is the result of years of dust and dead skin cells building up in the mattress. There are also likely to be plenty of dead mites embedded into your mattress as well.

Once these materials build up, your allergies will worsen and the solution is to throw out the mattress. 

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What to Remember When Buying a Mattress

So, what should you do once you've thrown out your mattress? When buying a new mattress, you will want to ensure that you make good use of your money. As discussed before, a mattress made out of natural latex will last the longest.

However, any mattress will do as long as you take care of it. The main thing you should consider is how the mattress supports your body. After all, a softer mattress is not always better. 

You will need to consider how the mattress material not only supports your body weight but your sleep position as well. That way, when you're asleep, your spine will stay aligned and you won't wake up with any aches and pains due to spine misalignment. 

Everything You Need to Know about the Lifespan of Mattresses

How long should a mattress last, you ask? It all depends on what material the mattress is made of and how well you take care of your mattress. As long as you clean your mattress, use a mattress cover, and throw out your mattress when you start to see signs of age, you shouldn't ever have to worry about mattress problems.

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