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How to Choose the Right Colorful Bedding for the New Year

How to Choose the Right Colorful Bedding for the New Year

There's something about the New Year that makes you look around and feel a strong urge for a refresher.

Our bedrooms are one of the most important rooms in the house and yet, we often forget to rework them. 

If you're feeling a little unimpressed and uninspired with your bedroom, you don't need to spend lots of money repainting it. Why not add colorful bedding instead? 

As beds take up so much room, the bedding you use can have a transformative effect on the whole room.

Your bedding can pull together your other decorations, change the atmosphere, and even ease you better into sleep. 

So without further ado, keep reading and find out how to choose the right color for your new bedding. 

Why Color Is Important for Your Bedding

You might be the only person who ever sees your bedding or you might have guest beds to make up each weekend. No matter how busy your home is, your bedding is something you interact with every day. 

Sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health, but we're a more sleep-deprived nation than ever. One of the best ways to increase your sleep quality is to prepare the most comfortable sleeping environment. 

When you walk into your bedroom, you want to smile without even realizing it. Your bedroom is your sanctuary and it should be a calm, relaxing place where you want to hop into bed and drift off to sleep. 

Color has a big impact on our moods, so choosing a relaxing color scheme for your bedding is essential. This goes for your guest room bedding too. While in your home, your guest bedroom will be your guest's sanctuary. 

Matching Colors in Your Bedroom

Beds are what we can't tear our eyes away from when we're exhausted, but they don't exist in isolation. They're part of your bedroom as a whole. 

A chaotic and confused bedroom won't be relaxing or help you sleep. In order to make your colorful bedding sit perfectly in your bedroom, you'll need to take into account the color of your walls and bedroom furniture. 

You can mix and match styles and patterns, as long as there's a common theme. This might be a single color that carries through everything and pulls it all together. 

Patterns or Solids?

When you think about colorful bedding, patterns might spring to mind. Patterns can transform a bedroom and cover a range of themes, from art deco all the way to jungle style. 

Patterns give you a chance to be experimental and create an eye-catching look. If your walls are muted colors, adding patterned bedding is a great way to mix it up. 

Solid colors, on the other hand, can bring easy elegance to your bedroom. They can provide a timeless simplicity to your bed and be livened up with a patterned bedspread or comforter.

Choosing the Best Colors for Your Bedding

With so many beautiful colors out there, it's hard to choose the one you want to sleep under. Not only do the seasons make us crave different colors, but our moods do too. 

When choosing your new, colorful bedding, remember that you'll want to pick colors that you'll appreciate for years to come. Bedding is something that lasts for a long time, and you don't want to change your mind in six months' time. 

A great way to keep things interesting is to choose reversible bedding where you can use it either way for different shades. Remember that cushions, bedspreads, and throws can be added for a more punchy look when you're in the mood. 

Muted and Neutrals

Light grays, whites, and magnolia are all endlessly elegant colors for bedding. They'll never go out of fashion and will give your bedroom that fresh look every day.

Neutral colors give you a lot of freedom when it comes to changing the style of your bedroom. Instead of switching out all your bedding every time you want a change, you can add pops of color instead. 

With a base of neutrals, add a brightly-colored bedspread or cushion to transform the room's look. You can also paint your room or a statement wall and not have to change your bedding to match. 

Relaxing Blues

There's a universal calm, relaxation, and serenity in the color blue. This makes it a frequent favorite when it comes to choosing colorful bedding. 

Instead of choosing your blanket and pillows all in the same blue, opt for different shades to break up the color and complement it. You can add in a yellow throw cushion to give the blue a vibrant companion and each night, you'll be sinking into peaceful dreams. 

Youthful Yellows

Summer and yellow go well together but in the colder months, yellow makes us feel sunny and happy, even when it's dark outside.

Having yellow-themed bedding brings fun, youthful happiness into the bedroom and pale yellows are very calming. 

Gray is an excellent companion to yellow, so look out for yellow and gray-patterned bedding or use gray pillowcases with yellow covers.

Gentle Pink

Bright pink can give a room a level of youth and opulence that has an immediate effect as you walk through the door. For an elegant bedroom, you could choose a pale dusty pink with a teal bedspread. These two colors are a match made in heaven. 

Wake up to Colorful Bedding This Year

The secret to choosing colorful bedding is to use colors sparingly, but for the greatest impact. Blue bedding with a single yellow cushion is sleek and calming, yet colorful and lovely to look at. 

Neutral bedding with bright bedspreads or cushions is another great way to have timeless elegance with colors to suit the season.

Always take into account the style of your bedroom and the colors of your walls and bedroom furniture. This way, you won't get seduced by store displays, only to realize the bedding doesn't go with your bedroom decoration at all. 

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