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How to Know When It's Time to Change Your Pillows

How to Know When It's Time to Change Your Pillows

Have you been sleeping on the same pillow every night for more than 2 years now? If so, the National Sleep Foundation recommends replacing it right away.

Over time, your pillow can absorb all kinds of things, including body oil and dead skin cells. This can create the perfect place for dust mites to live, which can lead to you suffering from a series of allergic reactions.

So rather than continuing to use the same pillow any further, you should change your pillows immediately to prevent these problems from taking a toll on you. Otherwise, you're not going to have an easy time sleeping at night.

Outside of keeping an eye on the lifespan of pillows and replacing them accordingly, there are also other signs that'll let you know it's time to change your pillows. You should think about investing in something like the Nest Easy Breather Pillow if you spot any of them.

Check out some of the signs that you should look out for below.

Your Pillows Smell Bad

As we mentioned a few moments ago, pillows tend to soak up everything from body oil to dead skin cells when you put your head on them every night. At first, pillow protectors might be able to keep your pillows safe, but they won't be able to keep these things at bay forever.

Once they work their way deep down into your pillows, it'll make your pillows smell awful. The smells that come from your pillows could make it difficult for you to sleep at night, and they could also affect the smell of your bedroom as a whole.

Instead of masking the odors coming from your pillows with sprays and candles, change your pillows to get rid of the smells once and for all. You'll be amazed by how much better your room smells after you've given your old pillows the heave-ho.

Your Pillows Are Covered in All Kinds of Stains

Your pillows are going to be filled with more than just terrible smells if you allow them to linger for too long in your bedroom. They're also going to eventually be covered by stains that will make you wish you didn't have to lay your head down on them anymore.

You can cover these stains up with Nest Bedding Organic Cotton Luxury Pillow Cases. But wouldn't you rather put these pillow cases on new pillows that don't have stains all over them?

Browse through some of your options for pillows and find ones to replace the pillows you have now. You'll love the fact that they don't have stains on them at all, and as long as you put pillow protectors on them from now on, you shouldn't have to worry about seeing stains on them in the future.

Your Pillows Are Very Lumpy

Most people know that a mattress can get to be very lumpy. Once lumps start to set in inside a mattress, that means it's time for people to invest in a new one.

What they don't always realize, though, is that pillows can also develop lumps in them from time to time. If you're constantly re-fluffing your pillow at night, it's because you have too many lumps in your pillow.

These lumps are, unfortunately, not going to go away on their own, no matter how many times you fluff your pillow. You'll be better off tossing your pillows in the trash when they get lumpy and buying new ones.

Your Pillows Have Caused You to Develop Neck Pain

Neck pain has turned into a huge problem for many Americans. Studies have shown that up to 70% of people will suffer from neck pain that interferes with their ability to make it through a normal day at some point in time.

If you find that your neck hurts almost every time you climb out of bed in the morning, you could have a serious issue on your hands. It could be a sign that your pillows aren't providing your head and neck with the support that they need at night anymore.

The only surefire way to attack this pain and make it go away is by getting your hands on a brand-new pillow. You won't have to be concerned about waking up stiff in the future when you have a new pillow to sleep on.

Your Pillows Are the Reason You're Waking Up Tired Every Morning

Recent surveys have shown that about one-third of Americans struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep on an almost nightly basis. These people have a tough time sleeping for a variety of reasons and wake up tired most days.

Some people can't sleep due to sleep conditions like sleep apnea. Others are too stressed out to quiet their minds down so that they can sleep. And then, there are those who can't sleep because of the mattress that they sleep on and/or the bedding that they have on top of it.

You should explore all the possible reasons why you might be struggling to sleep if you wake up tired more often than not. The reason could be something as simple as you needing to change your pillows.

Your Pillows No Longer Fit Your Sleeping Style

Have you recently started to sleep on your back most nights as opposed to sleeping on your side like you used to? This could be reason enough to change your pillows.

When you sleep one way for a long time and then switch your sleeping style up, your pillow might not set you up with enough support anymore. It's a good idea to swap your old pillow out for a new one like the Easy Breather Natural Pillow to adjust to your new sleeping style.

Change Your Pillows So That You Can Start Sleeping Great Again

It's very easy for people to lose sight of how long they've had their pillows. They end up using them for way longer than they should, and they often pay the price for doing it.

Avoid having to deal with any of the issues listed here by making it a point to change your pillows every so often. We can provide you with comfortable pillows that will get you back to sleeping great again.

Want to see which of our pillows might be the best one for you? Contact us now for more information about the pillows that we have available.