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How to Tell When You Should Flip Your Mattress

How to Tell When You Should Flip Your Mattress

Do you want to make sure that the new mattress you just bought for your bedroom lasts as long as possible? Of course you do!

One of the best ways for people to increase the lifespan of mattresses is by flipping them on a regular basis. When you flip your mattress, you'll ensure that you don't cause it to wear out on you sooner than it should.

One of the other benefits of flipping mattresses is that it'll keep your new mattress comfortable for years to come. It'll feel like you're lying down on a new mattress every single night.

Depending on what type of mattress you have, you may also want to consider learning how to rotate mattresses. Rotating a mattress is another great way to extend its lifespan while keeping it comfy for a long time.

Learn more about flipping and rotating mattresses below.

What Does It Mean to Flip Your Mattress?

Before we begin to talk about how to tell when you need to flip your mattress, it's important for you to know what we mean when we discuss flipping mattresses.

Flipping a mattress means taking a mattress, rotating it so that it's turned upside-down, and then sleeping on that side of the mattress. People have been flipping their mattresses for decades now to cut down on the amount of wear and tear that they put on them.

In some cases, you might be able to pick up a mattress and flip it yourself. But in others, you'll need to call on a family member or friend to lend a hand when you flip your mattress.

What Types of Mattresses Should You Flip?

Despite what you might have heard elsewhere, it is not a good idea to flip every type of mattress that is out there. There are some mattresses that aren't designed for flipping.

Generally speaking, the only mattresses that you're going to want to flip are those that are innerspring mattresses that don't have a pillowtop layer on them. These mattresses will respond well to getting flipped over and slept on.

How Can You Tell When You Need to Flip Your Mattress?

So, how often should you flip your mattress after bringing it home? It all depends on what your mattress manufacturer has to say about it.

Different manufacturers have different requirements when it comes to flipping mattresses. But most advise people to flip their mattresses about once every three months to a year for best results.

You should keep a close eye on your mattress to see when you may need to flip it. If you notice that one side of your mattress is wearing down on you or isn't as firm as it should be, it's a surefire sign that you should flip it ASAP.

What Does It Mean to Rotate Your Mattress?

Now that you know what it means to flip your mattress, let's talk a little bit about what it means to rotate your mattress. This is the approach that most people take these days as far as adjusting their mattresses is concerned.

When you rotate a mattress, you don't pick it up and flip it up onto its other side. Instead, you pick it up and rotate it 180 degrees so that the part of the mattress where you used to lay your head is now down at the bottom where your legs and feet go.

Just like with flipping your mattress, you might be able to do this job on your own. But you might also be better off asking a family member or friend to help you rotate your mattress so that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

What Types of Mattresses Should You Rotate?

For years, most of the mattresses that were on the market were meant to be flipped. But these days, almost all of the newer mattresses are designed to be rotated.

You should rotate any mattress that has different layers to it that won't work as intended when flipped. This includes innerspring mattresses with pillowtops, memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, hybrid mattresses, and more.

If you flip one of these types of mattresses as opposed to rotating them, they'll be very uncomfortable. You're not supposed to flip these mattresses over at any point.

How Can You Tell When You Need to Rotate Your Mattress?

Much like with flipping mattresses, those who own a mattress that needs to be rotated should check with their mattress manufacturer to see how often they would recommend rotating it. Most of them will tell you that you should do it about once every three months to a year.

Most of them will also suggest rotating your mattress if you find that it seems to be wearing out unevenly. If you see any wear and tear on it or suspect that it might be sagging, it's essential for you to rotate it right away.

But your goal should be to avoid finding yourself in this scenario by rotating your mattress routinely. Some people will make a note on their calendar to make sure they're able to remember to do it every three months or so. It's a great way to breathe some life into a mattress and keep it around for a long time.

Start Flipping or Rotating Your Mattress More Often Than You Do Now

Setting aside time to flip your mattress or rotate your mattress might not sound very exciting. But if you choose not to do it, it's going to lead to your mattress wearing out on you faster than it should.

Take all the advice we've provided for you here to heart and make flipping or rotating your mattress a part of your routine. It'll pay off in a big way in the end when your mattress lasts longer than you expected it to.

We would love to talk to you more about how often you should flip or rotate our mattresses. We would also love to help you pick out a new mattress if you're in need of one right now.

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