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How to Stay Warm on a Winter's Night: The Ultimate Winter Sleep Essentials

How to Stay Warm on a Winter's Night: The Ultimate Winter Sleep Essentials

Sleep studies show that the best temperature for sleeping is 60°F to 65°F. Without the proper sleeping conditions, our circadian rhythm can get out of whack. It should be no wonder, then, that so many people experience sleeping problems in the winter.

Wintertime insomniacs are always wondering how to stay warm in bed for a better night's sleep. As the seasons change, you may want to do the same thing to ensure you get your Zs. That's why we're bringing you this guide.

Want to stop tossing and turning because you're too cold to get comfortable? Then you better keep reading because this one's for you!

How to Stay Warm in Bed This Winter

With winter right around the corner, it's time to shake the sand from your warm-weather linens and pull out your cozy cold-weather bedding.

The secret to winter-proofing your bedroom for the perfect night's sleep? Nest Bedding's winter weather collection will keep you as toasty as a marshmallow. Check out our top picks for keeping the chill out below. 

A Wool Mattress Topper

Your first line of defense against the winter chill is a mattress protector that keeps the heat in. Choosing a mattress topper made of natural fibers will improve temperature regulation, keeping you cozy all night long.

Merino wool is an excellent choice for your winter mattress topper. This organic fiber is soft, itch-free, and hypoallergenic for superior comfort. Merino wool mattress toppers are also perfect year-round since they keep your warm in winter and cool in summer. 

Tencel Sheets and Pillowcases

Tencel is a sustainably-made fiber manufactured from eucalyptus wood pulp. This material is perfect for wintertime sheets and pillowcases because the breathable fiber allows for ultimate temperature regulation.

When you choose our Tencel sheets and pillowcases, the fabric will mold to your body's temperature as you sleep. The silky, luxurious Tencel fibers wick moisture away as you sleep to keep you dry and warm even if the heater's on. 

A Heavy Comforter

While your Merino wool mattress topper will keep warmth from seeping into the mattress, you need a matching comforter to guard against the chill. That's why a Merino wool comforter should always be a staple in your winter linen closet.

Merino wool isn't just great for sensitive skin and temperature regulation. Like Tencel, this material also has moisture-wicking properties. That way, your Merino wool comforter will help reduce the aches and pains that come with wet winter weather.

Bedtime Essentials for Staying Warm in the Winter 

On those nights when the temperature drops, you need more than cozy bedding to keep the chill away. Pajamas, socks, and a relaxing bedtime routine may be what you've been searching for to keep in the warmth. 

The Best Pajamas for Winter

Have all the best winter bedding but still can't stay warm at night? It could be a problem with your PJs. After all, too many people forget that, when it's time to switch out the summer bedding, you should switch out your summer pajamas, too.

Winter PJs should be heavier than the ones you wear in the summer. Choose long sleeves and pants to keep you covered, and add a cozy robe for late-night activities. Focus on temperature regulating materials like wool and thicker cotton weaves.

To Wear or Not to Wear Socks?

There's a big debate among sleep scientists about the virtues of wearing socks to bed. Some sleep scientists don't recommend it because socks can cut off the circulation to your feet, leading to irritation. 

If your ice-cold toes are keeping you awake, though, it may be time to say yes to socks before bed. Always choose a temperature regulating material like wool. Wool socks will keep your feet warm but offer enough breathing room to eliminate discomfort.

Candles, Tea, and More Cozy Pre-Bedtime Routines

What you do before you go to bed is just as critical for your sleep as the bedding you sleep on and the clothes you sleep in. That's why you need to perfect your pre-bedtime ritual. 

For example, you could begin your bedtime routine with a hot bath or shower. Brew up a cup of hot herbal tea to help you wind down and get warm. Light a candle about an hour before you go to bed and fall asleep in a relaxing, scented room. 

Wintertime Lifestyle Changes to Help You Sleep Better 

So, you've followed all of our tips about how to stay warm and sleep better during winter, but they aren't working. What now? It's time to pay attention to the lifestyle habits that could be keeping you up all night long.

Keep reading for the top things that might be exacerbating your wintertime insomnia.

Get More Exercise

During colder months, a lot of us take a break from the gym. This is a mistake, though, because regular exercise is one of the best secrets to getting a good night's rest. A hard workout will tire you out, helping you get to sleep faster and deeper. 

Plus, regular exercise keeps you in good shape. When you're at a healthy weight, your body is better able to regulate your internal temperature. That means you won't have to worry about stirring awake at midnight because you're freezing.

Supplement With Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for humans. We need it for healthy bones, a strong immune response, and a good mood. Yet, that's not the only reason vitamin D is important—it's also vital for a good night's sleep.

Humans produce vitamin D in the sunlight. When we spend less time outdoors during the winter, vitamin D levels can get dangerously low. Use a vitamin D supplement in the darker months to ensure vitamin D deficiency isn't impacting your sleep.

Get the Best Winter Bedding From Nest 

Cozy winter bedding, the right bedtime essentials, and a few lifestyle changes are all you need to sleep well this winter. Next time you're wondering how to stay warm during cold nights, remember these tips!

Are you searching for the best winter bedding to invest in this season? Let Nest Bedding keep your warm all winter long with our cozy bedding and sleep apparel. Browse our products now to find the bedtime items you need this season!