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Nectar Sleep vs. Nest Bedding: Are they comparable? Updated with BBB review link

Nectar Sleep vs. Nest Bedding: Are they comparable? Updated with BBB review link

Considering a Nectar Sleep mattress or comparing Nectar Sleep to Nest Bedding? Reading Nectar Reviews and want the truth?

Read all the REAL BBB reviews of Nectar Sleep here

Lately, if you Google Search "Nest Bedding" you will see the ads at the top of the page stating a comparison of Nest Bedding and a company called "Nectar Sleep". What is Nectar Sleep and why are they comparing themselves to Nest Bedding? Nest Bedding is clearly the better bed. Why? Nest Bedding is made in the USA, Nectar is made in China. Nectar can take 7-10 weeks to arrive, Nest Bedding ships in a few days. Nest Bedding is factory direct from Arizona, Nectar buys from a factory in China. Nest Bedding has years of experience, Nectar just started. USA manufacturers can't compete with China-made products. Why? They pay their workers very low, and there is not the safety and regulatory checks in place in China, making it very cheap to manufacture in China. Then, once they manufacture, they have to ship the bed in a cargo ship, and that ship burns a lot of fuel to get here. 

Nectar Sleep is a brand new company that just recently started selling mattresses. They manufacturer their foam cores in China then ship them over to the USA. While touting a Forever Warranty, they just started, so time will tell how the beds will hold up and the quality of the beds. One issue with compress-packed mattresses shipped from China is they stay compressed during shipping for several months. You will notice that most online mattress makers will require you open their compressed mattress within 30 days. This is to avoid the bed experiencing long term damage from being compressed too long. When you get a bed that has been compressed for 2-3 months on the ocean before you get it, there is the potential for issues down the road.

Nest Bedding has been making beds for over 5 years and is recognized as one of the leading mattress makers and brands in the country. We manufacture at our own facility in the USA and we have sold 100's of thousands of products around the world. And we also have physical stores, a benefit that sets us apart from other online only brands, like Nectar Sleep. If you Google Search "Nectar Sleep headquarters", you will find they are located in a residential house in San Mateo, Ca. We have real offices in the Bay Area and real stores where you can talk to real people who work for our company.

Nectar claims to have won awards, but if you ask them what awards they have won, you will not get a response. The fact is there are no awards to point to.

What about their claim that the bed is bed bug proof? This is a bit more sinister of a claim, as there is no such thing as a bed bug proof mattress. In fact, if you live in areas of high bed bug infestations, and you purchase this bed expecting it to repel bed bugs you are going to be highly disappointed. Bed bugs live on blood, and if you have bed bugs they could care less what brand bed you purchased, they are going to bite you.

As for the product, it's hard to compare because there is a lot of incorrect information on Nectar Sleep's webpage. For example, they state their mattresses are Bed Bug Resistant. This is not true, as there is no such thing unless it's covered in pesticides, and I doubt they are shipping mattress with bug spray. Also, they claim awards and press citations that are non-existent. Nest Bedding has years of press accolades and achievements, and thousands of real reviews, good and bad, to help you make your decision. 

nectar sleep

Screenprint from Nectar unboxing video. Notice how much the bed sinks under weight

While we welcome healthy competition, we always encourage consumers to compare based on truthful reviews. All of the "Experts" on the front page of Nectar Sleep are paid affiliates, some of whom are paid extra to say that Nectar Sleep is the best. While this is unfair and illegal according to the FTC, Nest Bedding trusts that consumers will take the whole of the internet review sites and individual consumer reviews to make an informed and correct decision. (edit 5/1/2017: Since posting this blog Nectar Sleep™ has added on their front page that the "experts" on their front page are in fact paid affiliates and make money from their reviews)

Nectar Sleep offers a 365 nights trial, but this is more of a sales gimmick than a useful feature. After 20 years in the business, we know that the vast majority of people will know within 30-60 days if the bed is really going to work. It is ridiculous to think it would take a year to adjust to a new bed. 

When you are looking for a new mattress, one that is USA made and will last a long time, choose Nest Bedding. Nectar Sleep cites awards they did not earn, reviews that are bolstered by high commission payouts to affiliates and foams shipped from China. While we don't need to compare our beds to other companies to siphon off their traffic, we do need the truth about our beds to be known.