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New Season, New Bedding: 8 Warm and Cozy Bedroom Ideas

New Season, New Bedding: 8 Warm and Cozy Bedroom Ideas

In a survey conducted about our four seasons, 29% of Americans said that the autumn season is the best time of year, making it the most popular.

Which makes perfect sense when you think about all of the great stuff accompanied by fall. Bright red and orange colors, smells of pine and pumpkin, warm cozy clothes, fall is arguably the best time of year. 

Since fall tends to be a bit colder though, many of us spend a bit more time indoors. Both homeowners and renters like to dec their homes out with all of the cozy decors they can get their hands on.

So, we are going to go over 8 of the best warm and cozy bedroom ideas for this fall season.

Let's get cozy and take a look!

1. Changing Up The Lighting

No matter what sort of decor you are looking for, lighting is going to be key to setting the atmosphere in a bedroom. With the correct lighting in place, it can completely dictate the way not only how the space feels but also how you feel. 

Think warm hues and ambient lighting. Switch out the bright white light bulbs with orange or yellow tinted ones. This can turn an open cold feeling into a nice warm cozy room that will make you never want to leave your bed. 

2. It's All About The Bedding

What is the first thing you see when you walk into a bedroom? The bed. So setting up your bedding in that room is going to be key (not only for decor reasons but also so you can sleep well too).

The best way to do this is by replacing your current bedding. You want your bedding to appear as if it's heavy and thicker, such as wool. This will make you feel comfy just by looking at it. 

3. Pillows and Linens

Not only do you want better bedding, but you're also going to want pillows and linens. If you want to be truly comfortable when you lay down at night, then a premium pillow and linens are key. 

Easy breather pillows are great for this because not only do they look cozy, they are also extremely comfortable. They are adjustable to you and are foam filled. Just don't forget to get the cotton cases to match your room's aesthetic.

4. Bring In Some Life

One of the best ways to make a cold room feel warmer is by adding in some plants. They are going to give texture and color to your room. 

Try to add in different types of plants so that they aren't all matching. Fiddle fig leaves and succulents are a great way to make things look cozy and peaceful. Handing plants are popular too and can make any room look better in a matter of seconds. Not to mention most house plants are easy to take care of as well. 

5. How About The Furniture?

A lot of times when you buy furniture, you buy sets so that everything is matching. However, if you are looking for a cozy bedroom, then mix-matching furniture is what you're going to want to do. 

Rustic and Arcadian are perfect for that warm feeling. Think about vintage or antique when it comes to signs, lamps, or chests. This can give you that perfect rustic elegance you're looking for in a fall season bedroom design. 

6. Use Rugs

Rugs are another excellent idea for new bedroom decor. They offer a cozy factor that makes you feel warm. Just like the furniture though, you don't want things to match too much, so think about contrasting colors for your rugs. 

Consider having more than one rug in the room as well. Two is almost always better than one. Trying having one next to your bed and the other next to a window or a nook if you have one. 

7. Did You Say Candles?

Yes, we did. If you're looking for cozy decor, then you need to add some candles to the room. When looking to completely transform a room, you have to consider things beyond looks, you have to think about smells as well.

Try adding in a few candles with scents that make people think "warmth", such as, fig, cinnamon, pumpkin, oak, raspberry, and sage. Candles can also give off an aesthetically pleasing look too. 

8. All Of The Cozy Bedroom Decor Accessories

Decor accessories are a great way to create a feeling or set a mood. There are an endless amount of cozy decor items you can add to your bedroom, so we won't go over them all, but here are a few of our favorites.


This goes beyond the linens for your bed. Thinking about draping a blanket over a chair or an extra one at the foot of the bed.


Reading is generally a relaxing activity and a few books can make a room even more pleasing to the eye. Try adding in a few books to a shelf or stand, just make sure not to over stuff.

Fairy Lights

Yes, fairy lights. These aren't just for children's rooms. Adding in hanging fairy lights that are soft and twinkly can add in an ambiance to a room. 


Make sure to hang a couple of pictures as well. However, you want to be careful about which ones to hang. Go for art that gives off a calming or peaceful feeling with tones of grey, blue, or green. 

Warm and Cozy Bedroom Ideas

According to Healthline, Ensuring that your bedroom environment is set up and optimized with comfort in mind is one of the best ways to get a good night's sleep. Not only will you get a great night's sleep, but your bedroom is going to look cozy too. These are the best warm and cozy bedroom ideas for 2020. Enjoy the fall season with feelings of warmth and comfort. 

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