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Nest Dog Beds: Your Dog Needs a Good Night Sleep Too

Nest Dog Beds: Your Dog Needs a Good Night Sleep Too

According to experts, most dogs only spend about 20% of their day actively playing. They spend 30% of their time awake but resting and the remaining 50% asleep. 

Shouldn't they be comfortable as they laze about leisurely? After all, pets are members of the family and bring us infinite amounts of love and joy. They deserve to get their well-deserved shut-eye in an environment that's every bit as plush and luxurious as our own.

Today, we're sharing a few ways you can pamper your pooch by giving him a great night's sleep. We'll also share how our Nest dog beds can take bedtime from mundane to magnificent, helping everyone in your family get the rest they need.

Avoid Middle-of-the-Night Potty Breaks

There's nothing like being woken up by a cold, wet nose at 2:00 in the morning, followed by a whiny whimper that can only mean one thing: Your dog needs to go outside to use the bathroom.

If you've fallen into this habit, keep in mind that waking up halfway through the night isn't just detrimental to your own sleep. It also makes it more difficult for your furry pal to fall back to sleep, too.

To remedy this, make it a point to always take him out right before bed, and be sure to stick to that routine. Then, as soon as the potty break is over, everyone should go straight to bed. If you're still staying up, showering, and watching television, your pup will likely follow suit. That makes a middle-of-the-night wakeup call that much more likely.

Create a Wind-Down Routine

You already know the importance of winding down before hitting the sack. Taking some time to dim the lights, take a warm bath, and turn off technology can help you drift easily into dreamland.

The same goes for your pup! If he's been acting a little restless lately, try establishing a bedtime routine to help him settle down. Rub his belly, turn the lights down and limit activity a few hours before it's time to go to sleep.

Over time, he will begin to associate these actions with bedtime, and it should be easier to encourage him to snuggle up.

Make His Bed Plush 

Traditionally, pet beds have prioritized function over form. As long as your pup has somewhere safe and warm to sleep, that should be enough, right?

Not quite.

Like humans, dogs benefit from a supportive, well-cushioned sleep space. Especially if your dog is a large breed, a high-quality pet bed is essential to keeping his bones and joints healthy. Your dog has pressure points that can be strained if his bed is too thin or doesn't offer adequate support.

If you're used to the sounds of your four-legged friend tossing and turning at night, try upgrading his bed from the standard, big-box model to one that's more luxurious.

Our Premium, Eco-Friendly Pet Beds

Start your search with our eco-friendly Bolstered Pet Bed.

Filled with 100% green waste recycled plastic, it's not only comfortable, but breathable. It's also non-absorbant, so it can stand up to years of wear and tear, from the potty-training years to your pup's golden age. Covered in a machine-washable, canvas cotton fabric, it's destined to become your pup's favorite spot in the house. 

We offer our Bolstered Pet Bed in three different sizes, including:

  • Small: 24" by 7"
  • Medium: 29" by 8"
  • Large: 35" by 8"

This bed is ideal for senior dogs, or any pup that simply wants to curl up in style. The bolstered design provides excellent pressure point relief for all-night comfort. 

In addition, we also offer our premium Wool Dog Bed in a variety of bold and coordinating colors, including blue, brown and orange. Looking for an accessory that's as sweet as your best boy? For the beloved pet who has everything, our Pet Tent is a unique and fun addition to any playroom or bedroom!

Give a Special Cuddle Toy

Just as little children love being tucked into bed with a teddy bear under their arm, your dog may take special comfort in having a soft, familiar toy in his bed. 

While you're shopping, try to avoid anything that squeaks or makes noise, as well as toys that your dog might associate with playtime, such as ropes and tennis balls. Instead, stick with something fuzzy and quiet and only bring it out when it's time to hit the sack.

This way, he'll know exactly what to do and where to go when you bring it out!

Get Out Restless Energy

Does your dog tend to pace around the house at night or have a difficult time settling down? If so, it's likely that he doesn't get enough mental or physical stimulation throughout the day. Then, when night falls, you might be ready to sleep but he's got plenty of extra energy to use up!

While it's best to avoid active play right before bedtime, try to schedule plenty of time during your pup's day to help him get enough exercise. If you're away from home working all day, consider hiring a neighbor to take your dog for a quick walk around the block every day to keep him active. Not only will this keep his body strong and healthy, but it will also tire him out so he won't be as likely to roam the halls that night. 

The number of hours per day that your dog needs to exercise will depend on a variety of factors, including his age, breed, and personality, as well as his overall health. Remember to check with your veterinarian before beginning a new routine!

Shop Our Selection of Nest Dog Beds Today

When your pets sleep well, everyone sleeps well. If you're growing weary of being woken up by curious sniffs and whimpers, it's time to take a closer look at your dog's wind-down routine and environment. 

Our Nest dog beds are designed to turn bedtime into your pup's favorite time of day. Made with eco-friendly, luxury materials and designed with his health and comfort in mind, these investments are meant to last your family for years.

Feel free to shop our full selection of dog beds today, and check out our premium mattresses, bedding, and lifestyle products for everyone else in the family! Along the way, contact us with any questions.