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Resolutions You Can Set to Get a Great Night's Sleep

Resolutions You Can Set to Get a Great Night's Sleep

With the New Year settling in, many of us may be reevaluating our New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you resolved to eat better or work out more or spend more time reading. But how many of us resolved to get better sleep this year?

Getting a great night of sleep can be important in every aspect of our lives, from our health to our relationships. And there are some steps you can take to make sure you’re getting your best sleep every night.

Read on to discover some resolutions you can make to help you get better sleep in 2020.

Make Your Bed

It may sound odd, but making your bed every morning is one of the best resolutions you can make to give yourself a better night’s sleep. In order to sleep well, you need to be able to relax. Your bedroom should be an inviting place where things are cozy and orderly.

When you take the time to make your bed every morning, you’re investing some love into your room. You’ll feel proud, organized, and relaxed, which is both a great thing to associate with your bedroom and a fantastic way to start the day. 

No Screen Time in Bed

The next resolution addresses something we’re all guilty of: no screen time in bed. It can be very tempting to scroll through Instagram just one more time before you go to sleep or to check email first thing in the morning. But this habit could be seriously messing up your sleep.

For one thing, doing anything other than sleeping can mess with your sleep hygiene, the process of training your brain to think of the bed as a place to sleep and nothing else.

For another, the blue light from your screens could be seriously messing up your circadian rhythms. Put the phone down at least half an hour before bed, and never scroll through your phone while you’re lying in bed.

Stick to a Routine

Part of training your brain to go to sleep when it’s time is sticking to a strict bedtime routine. The more signals you have to your brain that it’s time for bed, the easier you’ll find it to get to sleep.

That routine will become comfortable and familiar to you, leading you into a peaceful, easy night’s sleep.

Start your routine at least half an hour before bed, and an hour if you can manage it. Spend some time reading a book, meditating, crafting, or tidying up around the house. Brush your teeth, wash your face, and change into pajamas before you finally get into bed and go to sleep.

Invest in a Good Mattress

It should come as no surprise that having a good mattress can make a huge difference in your sleep. If you’re uncomfortable every night, you may find yourself tossing and turning more.

But you might be surprised to learn what kind of mattress you should be investing your money in in 2020.

You need to make sure you get a mattress that provides you plenty of support. Qualities like movement isolation can help keep you asleep even when your partner moves around. Foam layers can also help provide the sort of support you need while still giving you the cushion you want.

Keep a Journal 

How many times have you laid awake at night worrying about something your boss said at work or a fight you had with your mom? Lying in bed worrying is no good for sleep hygiene, but it’s tough to get out of bed when you just want to shut your brain down and go to sleep. Having a journal by your bed can help with this.

Even if you don’t keep a full-out journal, keep a little notebook by your bed to write down your worries. Something about writing down the thing we’re worrying about can make it easier to stop turning that thought over in our heads.

Then you’ll find it easier to slip off to dreamland and deal with that worry in the morning.

No Alcohol Before Bed

Many of us enjoy having a drink in the evenings, and early in the evening, that’s fine. But if you’re in the habit of having a nightcap before you go to bed, you need to kick that habit this year. Alcohol too close to bedtime can wreak havoc on sleep patterns

It’s true that alcohol can help you fall asleep faster, but it can also result in you waking up more in the night. It makes it harder for you to get into the REM sleep you need to feel truly rested. Try to avoid any alcohol for a couple of hours before bed.

Work Out

We know, working out more is the most cliché New Year’s resolution there is. But in this case, there’s good reason working out can help you get more sleep. The more active you are during the day, the less excess energy you’ll have to burn off in the evening.

While working out is important, you need to make sure not to hit the gym at night. Working out too close to bed can get you amped up on endorphins instead of ready to sleep.

Instead, try to work out in the morning, when the early activity and exposure to sunlight will help you to regulate your circadian rhythms.

Get a Great Night of Sleep

Getting a great night of sleep is the best thing in the world, and there are some simple steps you can take to make sure every night of sleep is wonderful.

Make your bed and stick to a routine, and be sure to avoid alcohol and phones too close to bed.

Invest in a quality mattress that will keep you sleeping comfortably all night long. 

If you’d like to create the perfect bed for you, check out the rest of our site at Nest Bedding. We have a variety of mattresses for you to choose from as well as the best bedding to put on them.

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