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Top 6 Master Bedroom Decorating Tips for a Zen Space

Follow master bedroom decorating tips when organizing your bedroom

Follow master bedroom decorating tips when redoing your bedroom

Decor can make all of the difference in providing a certain atmosphere in your home. Having the right furnishings and decorations is the first step to finding the right balance between a calm but also functional space in the bedroom.

Many things can have a calming effect when it comes to personal space in the home - from lighting to comfortable spots to relax, to color schemes. Having furniture that is both functional and appealing can add to the overall feel you are hoping to achieve in the bedroom. Here are six of the best master bedroom decorating tips to keep in mind when redoing your bedroom.

1. Comfort Furnishings

While bureaus and drawers might be a necessity in the bedroom, having other furnishings purely for comfort can make a big difference. That might include items like a makeup table, nightstand, or reading area. Taking the time to pick out every piece of furniture in your bedroom both for functionality and looks will elevate your bedroom's overall calming feel. Streamlined furnishings that don't add a cluttered look to your space can help with a comfortable look as well. Try your best to source bed frames, sitting areas, and nightstands that all go together well with one another and with the rest of your room's color and decor themes.

2. Picking the Right Bed

With the amount of time, we spend in our beds, picking out a quality bed frame, mattress, and bedding can all make a massive difference to your sleep patterns and how you feel throughout the day. Beds tend to be a focal point of the room, so picking a frame that fits in well with your overall decor is essential. While your master bedroom space might serve other purposes such as a space to get ready in the morning and general relaxation, the more you can shift your bedroom's purpose towards sleep, the better.

It includes arranging your space so that your bed is front and center, and has a tasteful look that you love. Once you have the perfect mattress and bed frame, the next step is bedding. Be sure that your sheets, blankets, and comforter look and feel the best they can by opting for organic bedding. Avoid busy colors as well as distracting patterns. Simple designs that match your room's overall color scheme will help you relax and get the sleep you need.

3. Lighting Options

Lighting can drastically affect the feel and mood of a space. Many times, having two types of lighting themes in the bedroom can be a great way to have bright overhead lighting when you are getting ready for the day, and low light when you are settling in and relaxing. Ambient lighting doesn't have to be hard to achieve or expensive to set up. A few choice lamps on your nightstands or standing lamps with low wattage light bulbs can be turned on in the evenings instead of overhead lights. Some bed frames even come with lighting options installed to help with reading and a peaceful feel in the evening. If you like to have some dim lighting throughout the night, low-lit night lights or string lighting can both give a little bit of illumination without disturbing your overall sleep needs.

4. Keep Out the Clutter

If you are remodeling your bedroom, this can be the perfect opportunity to declutter and streamline your space. It’s another of our favorite master bedroom decorating tips. Having a bedroom that is clean, organized, and easy to navigate helps you sleep better. If you have a small space or a lot of items to tackle, there are step-by-step methods that can help anyone get started on decluttering their space. A good rule of thumb is to keep any unnecessary things in the bedroom in other areas of the home, or away in storage or drawers. While shelves might seem like a simple way to organize items, this can bring a closed in, cluttered look if you aren't careful. Opting for furnishings with covers and drawers can help you tackle clutter daily and help with tidying up.

5. Color Psychology in the Bedroom

When you are bringing your bedroom's look together with furnishings and decor, having a cohesive, calming color scheme should be a part of your overall planning. Color psychology is the science behind the way certain colors make us feel, whether subconsciously or not. By applying this method throughout your home, you can set the mood depending on the use of each space. Bedrooms should be a soothing environment, and this feeling comes from blues, lavenders, and greens. If you can incorporate these colors into your paint, decor, and furnishings, your bedroom's overall feel can change quickly. Opt for wooden or basic colored furnishings that can fit right in and won't throw off the balance of colors in your space.

6. Making a Space Your Own

While you want to focus on colors, calming techniques, and functionality when it comes to your bedroom's decor, this doesn't mean you need to take your personality out of the decorating process. Having framed photos of loved ones on your nightstand and walls can help you keep those in mind who matter the most. Make sure the artwork in your room speaks to you, but try to stay loud or dramatic pieces relegated to other areas of your home. If you love bold colors, having one or two standout small furnishings or accent pieces can keep your space feeling like yours without sacrificing comfort.

If you are ready to overhaul your bedroom space and make this an oasis of calm, there are plenty of options from which to choose. Getting your bedroom set up correctly for sleep and relaxation can be re-energizing and will help you get a good night's sleep for years to come. Comfort needs to be a priority in your overall bedroom decor, and this can include the materials used in both furnishings and decor. That includes using natural wood, fibers, and organic bedding. If you have been questioning how to finally get a good night's sleep, starting with the overall look and feel of your space can have more of an influence than you might realize. If you are looking to update your sleeping space, contact us to get started.