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Staying Cozy in the Cold: The Best Warm Comforters for the Changing Seasons

Staying Cozy in the Cold: The Best Warm Comforters for the Changing Seasons

Sleep isn't just important because it boosts cognitive function and memory. It also can stave off depression, boost your immune system, and help you maintain a healthy weight (among other things). That's why keeping your bed comfortable in the cold months is an important investment in your well-being.

Here, we're going to look at some warm comforters that will help you sleep soundly each night during the fall and winter months. Read on to learn your options and the pros and cons of each.

Superb Silk Cloud Comforters

Silk comforters are the perfect choice for those who prefer breathable bedding. They're lightweight and comfortable options that don't weigh down too heavily on your body.

They also are ideal for those who sleep cool since they don't retain heat. This means that you won't wake up drenched and uncomfortable if you sweat a lot. Instead, you'll simply be warm when wrapped up in an airy cocoon.

Nest's Silk Cloud comforter is also made of the best natural materials on the market. Namely, 100% Mulberry silk and organic cotton combine to accommodate your body's circadian rhythm and sleep cycle. They keep you warm regardless of what stage of sleep you're experiencing.

You also will experience the luxurious feel of silken blankets against your skin. They're sleek and smooth, which prevents irritation from heat and abrasion from an irritating synthetic material. You can pair this comforter with silk sheets and pillowcases to stay comfortable in all areas of your bed.

Like all of our bedding options, the Silk Cloud comforter comes in multiple sizes. Full, Queen, King, and California King comforters are available at an affordable price.

Pros and Cons

There are several benefits of Silk Cloud comforters:

  • A light and airy feel
  • No heavyweight pressure (for people who dislike the feeling of weight)
  • Aesthetically pleasing in any decor scheme
  • Luxurious material that makes you feel like royalty
  • Doesn't trap moisture and keeps you comfortable year-round
  • Made with natural and sustainable materials that won't irritate your skin

There are a couple of downsides:

  • More expensive than wool alternatives because of higher-priced materials
  • Slightly less warming than wool or weighted alternatives since they don't trap body heat
  • No twin-sized options

However, assuming that you're willing to make the investment and enjoy a cooler/more breathable sleep environment, this comforter is a perfect choice.

Wonderful Washable Wool Comforters

If you're looking for a slightly heavier comforter, Nest's Washable Wool comforter is an excellent choice. This bedding does not have the sleek and slippery texture of silk but rather feels heavier and fluffier.

It's made with soft organic cotton combined with washable wool tufts to keep you warm. The wool is inside the cotton, which serves as a natural and comfortable wrapping for the warm woolen interior.

One perk of this comforter is that it's made to naturally regulate the temperature of your body. Despite its bulk, it's made to wick away sweat and moisture with its breathable natural materials. This makes it perfect for year-round use.

Another perk of Washable Wool comforters is that they're less expensive than silk alternatives. The material is still high-quality, but it is less expensive. The price goes down for you as a result.

In addition to Queen and King sizes, you can also get this bedding option for twin beds. We offer financing options regardless of the size you need, including those with 0% interest. This means that you can get comfortable under winter bedding regardless of your budget.

Pros and Cons

There are several awesome things about washable wool comforters:

  • Less expensive than silk options
  • Extremely soft
  • Made from natural and sustainable materials
  • Easy to wash in machines
  • Heavier and fluffier than silken comforters (ideal for those who want some weight)
  • Breathable despite being somewhat heavier
  • A little bit warmer than silk comforters

There are also a couple of potential drawbacks:

  • May trap more heat than some people would like
  • Not available in California King sizes

Still, the pros greatly outweigh the cons. Plus, Nest's materials are all made to be breathable, so moisture and overheating are unlikely regardless of the comforter you choose.

Weighted Blankets as Warm Comforters

Luxury weighted blankets are designed for a wide range of uses. They're perfect for snuggling up under with a good book on your couch. They're ideal for adding comforting weight to your body when you're lonely, alone, and need to simulate a hug.

They also make perfect comforters.

Our high-quality weighted blankets are made from natural bamboo and jersey materials. Their fabric is intended to wick away moisture and provide you with a breathable yet weighty option. You can tuck yourself in at night and fall asleep to their comforting weight without fear of sweat-related discomfort.

Like many of the highest-quality weighted blankets, our product comes in a neutral gray shade that complements any design scheme. However, you can use a brightly-hued duvet to add a pop of color to your space. Whether you want elegant pink or sleek blue, these duvets come in a bamboo material that matches your weighted blanket.

Pros and Cons

The top benefits of high-quality weighted blankets include:

  • Alleviating stress and anxiety
  • Helping to combat sleep disorders
  • Feel-good properties (weight feels like a hug)
  • Sustainable materials
  • Pair well with any bedding
  • Versatile use (during both waking and sleeping hours)

There are only a couple of drawbacks, and they're mainly dependent on your desired uses of the blanket:

  • Can feel very heavy at times when you sleep with them (though many people find this relaxing, others may not like it)
  • Heavier and generally not portable (though we offer a travel-friendly tote to make the process smoother)

Basically, you can't go wrong with weighted blankets, especially if you get another separate comforter for hot days as well.

Invest in Cozy Comforters and Better Sleep

While keeping warm during the cold months can be a challenge, it's much easier to be comfortable when you invest in the best winter bedding. Now that you know some of the best warm comforters for fall and winter, it's time to start sprucing up your bedroom.

Nest Bedding is committed to providing you with high-quality warm comforters and blankets so that you can get a good night's rest all year round. Contact us with any questions that you have and start shopping for your new cozy bedding.