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Feeling Spooky?: The Best Halloween Decor Trends for 2022

Feeling Spooky?: The Best Halloween Decor Trends for 2022

Approximately $3.2 billion are spent on Halloween decor. With so many people spending money on decorations, it's important to get the decor that's trending!

Rather than sticking with decades-old decorations, invest in ones that are popping up in 2022. There are so many new things happening and it's important to be aware!

Not sure what Halloween decor ideas are trending? Read on to find out!

Animal Skeletons

Don't worry--we aren't talking about real animal skeletons. You can buy fake animal skeletons at your local Halloween stores that give a spooky feel to your home or yard!

Some of these skeletons actually look cute too, so you don't need to worry about scaring away those trick-or-treaters. 

Human skeletons are popular, but animal skeletons are on the rise in 2022. Whether you place them around your home, on your shelves, or put them on your porch, they are sure to wow all your guests!

Big and Bold

You've heard the saying go big or go home, and that applies to Halloween too. 

Giant decorations on your front lawn are trendy and make a statement. Whether you choose giant skeletons, animatronics, or inflatable pumpkins, your decor will draw the attention of everyone that passes by. 

Decorating for Halloween can be hard, and you want to make sure your effort is appreciated. Using decor that people can't miss will make sure you get the recognition you deserve!

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus 2 was recently released on Disney Plus, and everyone is raving about it! 

With all the nostalgia around the first movie, people are incorporating Hocus Pocus-themed decorations around their houses. You can buy black-flame candles and other related decorations that will please any Hocus Pocus lover. You can even get witches' brooms and cauldrons to recreate the Sanderson Sisters' cottage. 

What better way to trend in 2022 than to use the decor of the most recent movie releases?

Stranger Things

Over the summer, Stranger Things received a whopping 286.8 million hours of viewing.

As one of Netflix's most-watched series, using Stranger Things decor is a sure way of following 2022 trends. Whether you decorate your home with Christmas lights and letters or put a life-sized Demogorgon on your lawn, everyone will be talking about your Halloween decor. 

Stranger Things has made an astounding impact on society, so why not incorporate it into your Halloween decor? 

Not-So-Scary Decor

Halloween decor doesn't always need to be scary. You can choose light and cute pastel colors and autumnal decor rather than spooky skeletons and inflatables. If scary isn't your thing, then this is a good alternative that people still love!

Place colored pumpkins around your home or decorate your table with autumn-colored placemats and leaves. This will add a sophisticated but holiday-themed feel to your home that will make everyone feel welcome. 

DIY Halloween Decor

DIY is all the rave lately, and you can DIY your Halloween decor, too! Whether you use construction paper and fabric to create unique Halloween pieces or buy Halloween kits from craft stores, you can create anything you set your mind to. 

This will show your guests the effort you put into your home and it can cost less money than pre-made decorations! You can't get much better than that. 

Halloween Dinnerware

Spooky dinnerware is a great way to get your guests involved in the Halloween season. Buying dinnerware with Halloween colors and decorating your table with black-flame candles can turn your whole home into a Halloween town.

You can even serve your food in witches' cauldrons to really get people in the seasonal mood!

What Are the Best Halloween Colors?

Orange, black, and purple are all classic and trendy colors to use at Halloween. Maybe you aren't into the big and bold decorations. If not, incorporating these colors around your house can still give your home a Halloween atmosphere without being overwhelming. 

You can even buy purple and orange fairy lights and hang them around your home. This will create a great ambiance for Halloween parties! 

But orange, black, and purple aren't the only trending colors in 2022. People are opting for lighter and brighter colors too, like pastels in peach and pink.

If you don't want spookier colors, then opt for one of these instead. This will create the perfect fall atmosphere and make you feel cozy. 


Ghosts are an easy and fun way to decorate your home, too! You can put ghost cut-outs on your walls and windows or place a sheet over a stand with holes for the eyes.

People are also loving the look of silly ghosts rather than scary ghosts. These ghosts can have silly or cute faces. If you are a fan of cute ghosts like Casper, this may be the perfect option for you!


Spooky archways in front of your house are a great way to welcome your guests during the Halloween season! You can buy these as inflatables or build them solid, though inflatables are much easier to store during the other seasons. 

This will give your home the ultimate Halloween feel so you may not need many other decorations.

What Halloween Decor Is Best for Me?

The best Halloween decor for you ultimately depends on your style and interests! While you can choose decor that is trending in 2022, remember to pick something that you love and want. There's no better way to welcome the spooky season.

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