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  • 7 Things to Do With an Old Mattress Before Throwing it Out

    Most of us won't throw a mattress away until back pain, mold tests, or a lingering smell makes it absolutely necessary. But getting rid of an old mattress is the perfect opportunity to break the rules and have some fun. So we put together a list of irresistible things to do with an old mattress. Enjoy!
  • Where Can I Dispose Of My Old Mattress in the Bay Area?

    When purchasing a new memory foam or organic mattress in the San Francisco Bay Area, you need to find some way to get rid of your old mattress. And...
  • Tips for Disposing of an Old Mattress in Berkeley Ca.

    If you are looking to dispose of an old memory foam or traditional spring mattress in the Berkeley California area, you can get a hold of the City ...
  • Where Do Dead Mattress Go?

    Mattresses are one of the most wasteful items we manufacture as a society. They are usually comprised of memory foam, which is a petroleum and chemical based material. They are usually wrapped in a plastic fabric like microfiber or polyester, with some fancy name so it doesn't sound like plastic. These mattresses, marketed under fancy and recognizable names, are made to last 5-7 years and when they wear out, are not good for anything. They end up going into landfills where they sit and do not decompose.

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