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The Only Fall Cleaning Checklist You'll Ever Need

The Only Fall Cleaning Checklist You'll Ever Need

There's nothing like the smell of crisp, autumn air or the sight of leaves changing into deep oranges and reds. Fall is undoubtedly a cozy season, making it a great time of year to spruce up your home. 3 out of every 4 Americans spend time spring cleaning, but what about the cooler months?

Before you know it, winter will be here. As the days begin to shorten, you might be spending more time inside. It's the perfect time to kick off a fall cleaning of your home before windows get shut for the cold weather months.

If you're not sure where to start with a fall cleaning checklist, we've got you covered! Keep reading for the ultimate fall cleaning tips.

Outdoor Areas

Before the snow hits or the temperatures start to drop, you'll want to make sure your outdoor items such as patio furniture have been cleaned and stored away. Treat any upholstery stains before they set in for the winter and protect furniture with weatherproof tarps. 

Additional outdoor areas to add to your list include:

  • Make sure gutters are not clogged
  • Deep clean exterior windows
  • Clean the driveway, steps, and walkway

Taking care of debris buildup, pollen, and dirt on windows and walkways will help prevent discoloration and staining.


Your entryway plays host to the rest of the home. Dust and debris accumulate easily here. With the average home collecting around 40 pounds of dust per year, the entryway is a crucial spot to pay attention to when cleaning your home for the fall.

Items to add to your checklist include:

  • Tackle the windowsills
  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Organize and stash shoes
  • Box up summertime accessories
  • Set up your coat rack for jackets and scarves

An additional tip for your wet or muddy shoes is to grab a plastic tray and let shoes or boots drip dry inside. This will keep your shoes intact and floors clean and dry!

Living Room

Easily one of the biggest rooms on your fall deep cleaning list is the living room. With heavy foot traffic, your living room is a great next step to focus on.  Items on your checklist:

  • Dust and polish
  • Give blankets a wash
  • Vacuum furniture and carpet
  • Swap out any seasonal decor
  • Sanitize your remotes
  • Clean out the fireplace

Remember to start from top to bottom when cleaning this room and you'll be good to go.


Your kitchen might get more use during the winter months. To that end, it's a good idea to take care of the following when cleaning:

  • Clean and dust the tops of cabinets
  • De-grease cabinets and backsplash
  • Clean your oven's interior and exterior
  • Empty your toaster tray
  • Toss expired pantry items
  • Toss expired food from the fridge
  • Clean the microwave
  • Clean the countertops
  • Wipe down high-touch areas like light switches and cabinet handles
  • Sanitize your sink and garbage disposal

Bonus add-on: if you're a coffee drinker, don't forget to descale your coffee maker! Think of all the tasty pumpkin spice lattes you can make with a squeaky-clean coffee maker.


Before laying your head down after a hard-earned day of fall deep cleaning, you'll want to be sure your bedrooms have been tackled. Add the following to your list and you can rest easy at night knowing your bedroom has been properly cleaned for fall.

  • Dust and polish your furniture
  • Remove and put away lighter linens
  • Vacuum your carpets and your curtains
  • Clean and flip your mattress

Don't forget to dust and replace any light bulbs in your bedroom. You'll want as much bright, cheery light in your room as possible during the winter months. In addition, remember to pull out warmer bedding from storage for those cold winter nights. The cozier, the better.

Seasonal Items

Heavily foot-trafficked areas like the kitchen and living room are no-brainers for adding to your list. However, there are a couple of seasonal outliers you don't want to forget as well:

  • Change the batteries for fire alarms
  • Set ceiling fans to circulate air upward
  • Condition any leather or wood furniture
  • Check and replace worn-out weather stripping
  • Dust the condenser coil on your refrigerator
  • Check and replace burnt-out light bulbs
  • Turn off outdoor faucets and winterize pipes

Your air filter has been chugging along all summer helping keep pollen and dust from circulating. To that end, remember to change your air filters.

Organization Items

One of the best tips to keep in mind is not only to focus on cleaning but to take care of the organization as well. A few handy organization items to add to your checklist to keep your home looking tidy for fall:

  • De-clutter closets by donating unwanted items
  • Go through old office paperwork to recycle, toss, or file
  • Organize infrequently used cabinets or drawers
  • Gather and store gardening items
  • Organize your outdoor wood pile

De-cluttering and organizing are a big part of helping to cultivate a cozy space for fall.

'Tis the Season for Fall Cleaning

Cleaning your home for the fall can save you time and stress during a typically busy holiday season. Hopefully, these cleaning tips will help you get your fall cleaning journey started off on the right foot.

After a full day of cleaning, treat yourself to a new set of sheets or a cozy robe for a job well done. At Nest Bedding, we can help you choose the perfect sheet set or mattress to help you drift off peacefully after a tough day of cleaning.

Check out our contact page for help with any questions. We'd love to help you upgrade your bedroom nest.