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The Problem With The "One Perfect Mattress" Retail Store

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The emergence of the "One Perfect Mattress" online business model has captured the fascination of consumers everywhere. The allure and promise of one mattress solving all sleep issues for all body types has spurred a mattress revolution online as companies like Leesa, Tuft and Needle and Casper have poured untold millions into marketing their "One Mattress Fits All" product offering.

However, as many consumers have discovered through trial and error, one feel or one type of mattress material doesn't work for everyone, of course. The 300 lb truck driver with a bad back isn't going to experience a 10" foam mattress the same as a 20-something in perfect health. It's a simple matter of a few inches of foam not feeling the same with different amounts of weight and pressure points; everyone is different and has different needs.

Then why have these brands enjoyed seemingly unbridled success? It's simple: Your imagination.

Marketing messages fill your head with promises of unbridled happiness, unbound success and everlasting life. Don't believe me? Watch the Superbowl ads. Car ads with happy families, medicine ads that will cure all that ails you, ads for products ensuring your life will be greatly improved if you only buy their products.

The same is true with the "One Mattress Fits All" message. If you can't lay on the bed to feel it, your imagination fills in the gap. If everyone online loves it, if one mattress truly does seemingly work for everyone, then it must be able to work for me. Without a store nearby to try it, you imagine it will work for you as well. 

But if these "One Mattress Fits All" brands begin to build stores or put their mattress in retail outlets, now the imagination is taken out of the equation. You can define it. You can see it, touch it, lay on it, experience it. And that becomes a problem.

I remember when I first started Nest Bedding. We had only 7 mattresses on the showroom floor. Customers would sometimes comment, "Is this all you have?" 

When you imagine the bed will work for you, because of your imagination and because of marketing, you are more willing to order online and take a chance. But once you can lay on it, if you find that it isn't that comfortable, or you can feel that it isn't the quality you were expecting, you just defined that expectation. You narrowed your imagination down to a very specific opinion. Where you were willing to take a chance in the dark, now you either like the feel or you don't.

The "One Mattress Fits All" brands would be better off staying online and not building stores, at least until they were ready to admit their one offering model is not sustainable at retail and offer other feels and other materials.

Where we have customers in the door who hate foam, they love our Nest Bedding latex beds. And those who don't like coil beds love our best selling, highest rated Alexander Signature Series. You get the picture. We have foam, coils and latex. We have firm, medium and soft. We have a smart selection of beds for all type of sleepers. We can legitimately say we have something for everyone instead of trying to shoehorn everyone into one feel, one material and tell them it will cure all that ails them.