Lifetime Renewal Exchange

A comfort layer exchange you can redeem once, at any time, to alter the feel of your mattress or to increase its lifespan (this option saves you time and money while reducing waste).

A little bird told us you live near a Nest Bedding showroom.

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The Truth about The Love & Sleep mattress

love & sleep mattress, nest bedding

In the coming days, a new big announcement is coming from Nest Bedding. We are a company on the move, a family owned business that has become the "little engine that could" of the mattress world. Nest Bedding has become a national brand based on word of mouth and our amazing products at reasonable prices.

But what is this big announcement? Introducing The Most Comfortable Mattress.

Love & Sleep: The ONLY GreenGuard GOLD certified cooling mattress in the world.

What is Love&Sleep? Check it out here!

A mattress that is truly factory-direct. While some companies like to fancy themselves as "cutting out the middleman", they actually buy their beds from factories all around the country. This makes them a middleman. The Love & Sleep mattress will truly be a factory-direct mattress with no middleman markup.

A better quality mattress. Smarter, Cooler, Better. For $600 Queen. That's right, a high quality, USA made, factory-direct, cool sleeping, supportive, comfortable mattress, with choice of firm or medium, for $600. What does it matter if a bed has 10,000 reviews if it isn't comfortable for you? We give you the choice of firmness instead of shoe-horning you into one feel and telling you it's perfect.

How is it Smarter, Cooler, Better? What does $600 get you?

  • More supportive: Our layering allows your body to be more supportive than the conventional 2 flat layers. More comfortable in the hips and shoulders.
  • Better Cover: You can't see through the Love & Sleep cover, the material is thicker and long lasting. 
  • Cooler Sleep Surface: Our covers come standard with the high performance Adaptive Cooling Fabric, which helps regulate body temps while you sleep. Our competitors do not have this feature. Cool sleep helps you sleep better, deeper.
  • Love&Sleep Gel Cooling Layer: 3" of comfortable, breathable Gel 2.8 density Love&Sleep foam outperforms conventional foams. 
  • Convoluted air flow layer: Why not add more cooling features? We did! Instead of a layer of glue between the two layers, which doesn't breathe, we added a layer of convoluted air flow foam between the comfort and support layers. This adds more air flow and more comfort, allowing the top layer to better conform to your curves. 
  • Durable Base Support Layer: A solid foundation is key to the durability of any structure, so we used the most durable base materials we can find. 

What you get from our competitors for $600:

  • Not factory direct. They buy from several factories and then sell it to you. They are the middleman.
  • Thin, see-through covers: The fabrics are very thin, which is not very durable.
  • No Performance cooling fabric.
  • No choice in feel, you are stuck with one firmness.
  • A layer of glue between two layers of foam equals diminished air flow.
  • Not as confirming and thus, not as supportive. You will feel that mostly in your shoulders and hips.

Santa came early this year boys and girls, and he brought the Love & Sleep mattress. Joy to the world!