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Top 7 Amazing Qualities You'll Find in the Perfect Pillow

Top 7 Amazing Qualities You'll Find in the Perfect Pillow

Are you having trouble finding good sleep or sleeping faster? Do you find it difficult to sleep now with the current pillow that you use? If you do, you know that this is the best time to replace your pillow.

With the pandemic causing high levels of stress, many Americans lost sleep during the lockdown. While some found more time to dedicate to sleeping, others found it harder to catch some Zs. This is dangerous, especially since good rest is a key aspect of maintaining good health.

One way to make your bed feel more comfortable and easier to sleep in is to use a good pillow. In the guide below, we’ll discuss the best way to find the perfect pillow. Keep reading to learn what to look for in a pillow and why such features are important.

1. The Perfect Pillow Supports Your Head and Spine Well

One of the top qualities of a pillow is the spinal and head support that it offers you. Is your pillow soft to the touch but firm enough to keep your head from sinking back into the mattress? If it isn’t, you need to look for a new pillow with the best support.

Did you know that Americans are spending more on neck and back pain than other health issues? From 1996 to 2016, Americans spent over $134 billion on treatments for neck and back pain. The root causes of these health problems include bad posture inside and out of bed.

When you go shopping for a pillow, check that it offers an even level for your head and neck to sit on. For example, if you sleep on your side, the pillow should support your head and keep it elevated at about 3-6 inches. Ensure that it doesn’t elevate your head too high up, or you’ll risk neck pain.

When you look for pillows with the right support, consider your sleeping posture. Below, we’ll talk more about finding a pillow that matches your usual sleeping position.

2. Its Material Has Cooling Properties

Do you like sleeping in a warm bed or a cool one? If you are a hot sleeper, you’ll enjoy pillows with cooling qualities. If you want your pillow to say cool and icy during the night, look for pillows that have faster cooling.

The best way to find such pillows is to check their material and fill. Today, the materials used for pillow casing can have cooling technology in the fabric. If you can’t afford pillows modern with cooling properties, go for fabrics like silk and cotton.

3. The Material Is Hypoallergenic

The next thing you’ll want to watch out for is a pillow with hypoallergenic properties. Down pillows may feel like the perfect pillow choice in softness and durability. When it comes to allergy resistance, your best choice is the hypoallergenic type.

How do you find a hypoallergenic pillow? The secret is to look for a pillow with a micro-weave cover. Micro-weave materials will keep dust mites from going into your pillow covers.

4. A Perfect Pillow Is Easy to Clean

Pillowcases and sheets aren’t the only bedroom items you throw into a washing machine. Your pillows also need care and cleaning. How much time do you want to commit to cleaning your beddings and pillows?

Are you the type of person who likes low-maintenance pillows? If you are, then you’d want a pillow that’s washing machine-friendly.

Before you buy a pillow, confirm with the vendor that it’s okay to put it in the washer. Some pillows don’t do well in washing machines and will only require dry cleaning.

Clean or wash your pillows 2-4 times a year. Good care and maintenance will make them last longer.

5. It Fits Your Budget

Down pillows make great sleeping companions. They’re fluffy, soft, long-lasting, and worth every penny you invested in them. However, your wallet won’t enjoy buying them, and not everyone can afford them.

Before you start pillow shopping, analyze your budget. You don’t need to spend big to get comfortable or high-quality pillows. You can still find the perfect pillow that’s in the mid-range prices.

Don’t settle for cheap pillows. They can cost you more in the long run in health treatments or replacements. Instead, invest in pillows that have good quality and durability.

6. It Has Removable Covers

Every night, you place your head and face on the pillow. Constant use can cause stains and smells to stick to the pillow. If you don’t like scented and stained pillows, find pillows with removable cases.

This way, you can change pillowcases often and feel fresh in your sleep. Even when it’s not time to wash your pillows yet, you can look forward to sleeping on clean pillowcases.

If you’re looking for other tips on cleaning for the spring, you can check our spring cleaning tips here.

7. The Pillow Agrees With Your Preferred Sleeping Position

Everybody has a personal preference for sleeping positions. You may feel most comfortable sleeping on your back, side, or stomach. Did you know that your pillow also needs to match your most-used sleeping position?

The different sleeping positions elevate the head to different levels.

If you sleep best on your back, you’d want a flatter, supportive pillow that has the right head/neck support. If you like sleeping on your side, you need a firm and thick pillow. If you like to sleep on your stomach, you can use a thin pillow or don’t need to use a pillow at all.

Find the Perfect Pillow Today

These are the best things to look for when you’re shopping for a high-quality pillow. Remember that your quality of sleep is important for your health and happiness. Like having enough exercise and a healthy diet, good sleep is a key aspect of living a healthy lifestyle.

Are you still looking for the perfect pillow or beddings to match your room and preferences? We may have the pillow, beddings, and other bedroom items you’re looking for. Visit our contact page now and let us know what you’re looking for in a perfect pillow.