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What Are the Different Types of Mattresses?

What Are the Different Types of Mattresses?

Did you know that more than 70 million people in the United States suffer from insomnia? There are many reasons why insomnia may affect a person, but it often has to do with the type of mattress that a person is using. If you're not using the right kind of mattress for you, then you're not going to be able to sleep very well. 

Fortunately, there are many types of mattresses that you can choose from. When buying a mattress, you will want to do your research beforehand and know what makes one mattress different from another. That way, you can weigh your mattress options and see which option might be the most comfortable mattress for you. 

Keep reading and learn more about the different types of mattresses you can choose from. 

Memory Foam Mattress

The first type of mattress you should know about is the memory foam mattress. Even though it is a relatively new invention, it is one of the most popular mattress choices around. It is unique compared to more traditional mattress choices like the innerspring mattress in several ways. 

For one, it is great at absorbing shocks. This is because it is made of special polyurethane foam. This foam is very dense and it does not wobble or move around like most other mattress materials, especially not springs. 

This makes it ideal if you sleep with a partner. If you toss and turn throughout the night, your movements will get absorbed into the memory foam and will not disturb your partner. This is unlike older mattresses made of springs and stuffing that tend to bounce around at the slightest movement. 

The Details

This is not to mention that memory foam mattresses are some of the best mattresses for molding to your body while you're asleep. Many people find that this kind of mattress, in a way, cradles them while they sleep. This provides a feeling of protection and comfort that most other mattresses can't provide.

For that reason, these mattresses are also very good at taking pressure off certain points in your body. For example, if you often have achy joints or an achy back, this mattress will provide you with all the support these regions need. That way, when sleeping on a memory foam mattress, it will be like sleeping on a cloud. 

The only downside is that some people might not like the way that the mattress molds to the shape of their body and some might find it difficult to get up and out of the mattress. 

Latex Mattresses 

If you don't like the sound of memory foam mattresses but want something similar, you can always opt for a latex mattress. The latex mattress is not a new concept and it has actually been available to the public since the 1960s. Back then, they used to be quite expensive, but today, they are as affordable as most other mattresses.

Many people like latex mattresses because they are environmentally friendly due to the fact that latex comes from trees. This is not to mention that latex mattresses offer high-quality support. The density of these mattresses is similar to memory foam mattresses, although there are a few minor differences. 

Latex mattresses will not provide the same cradled effect that memory foam mattresses do. When you sleep on this mattress, you will find that it will support your entire body. Again, this is important if you tend to experience pain in your hips, shoulders, spine, or neck. 

What You Need to Know

The firmness of the latex will help keep your entire body in alignment. That way, it will be very unlikely for you to wake up with any soreness. Similar to memory foam, this mattress is also very good at absorbing shocks. 

So, if you or your partner happens to toss and turn a lot during the night, that movement won't translate to the rest of the bed. That way, you and your partner should be able to get a good night's rest without any trouble. Many people find that latex mattresses are especially beneficial for those who suffer from lower back pain. 

If you often have back pain, a latex mattress may be the right choice for you.

Hybrid Mattresses 

If you can't decide between an innerspring mattress and a foam mattress, a hybrid mattress might be the perfect choice for you.

This mattress takes the best of both worlds and combines the shock-absorbing qualities of a foam mattress with the support and springiness of an innerspring mattress. While these mattresses can't absorb quite as much shock as true foam mattresses, they are still quite good at keeping motion localized.

This kind of bed is also not as dense as a true foam mattress. For that reason, this mattress will have a bit more of a bounce. If you prefer this compared to the density of a foam mattress, you will be in luck. 

These mattresses are also hypoallergenic. This is because the top layer of the mattress is mostly made of foam, which is naturally resistant to most small insects, dust, and other allergens. 

All About the Different Types of Mattresses

There are many different types of mattresses to choose from, and some may be better for your quality of sleep than others. For example, if you like the feeling of your mattress molding to your body, a memory foam mattress may be the perfect option.

On the other hand, if you want something similar to memory foam but not quite as dense, try a latex mattress. For something between an innerspring mattress and a foam mattress, try a hybrid option.

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