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Why Does My Back Still Hurt On My New Mattress?

man sitting up in bed holding back in pain

As an expert in mattresses and the mattress business, I get every question imaginable. A recent customer asked me the question, "I bought the new mattress, but my back still hurts. How come it didn't make my back pain go away?"

Too often, people assume their back is hurting because of a new mattress. There are even local television commercials produced by one of our competitors that states its time to get a new mattress if your back is hurting. But does that mean it is the only reason your back could be hurting?

The obvious answer should be no, however, I cannot tell you how many times I have had customers come into our stores after having purchased a new latex mattress or new memory foam mattress and report their back is still hurting.

A new mattress is not a cure-all, nor is it always the reason your back is hurting. Do you have stress in your life? Do you sit a lot for work, or drive a lot for work? Do you exercise, play sports or strain yourself in any way? Are you seeing a Chiropractor? 

All of these can be issues that can cause back issues or discomfort. While a bad mattress, poorly designed mattress or just old mattress can contribute or cause pain, it does not mean it is the only reason.

A mattress should be designed to support your back properly. If it is old, the support has broken down, leading to back pain. If your mattress is not old, but is designed with coils or just a flat, consistent layer of latex, it is possible you are not getting the proper support your body's curves require. 

Buying a new mattress can be tough, and there is always a break in period, or an adjustment period, when getting a new mattress. Your body may take time to adjust to proper support or just to a new feel. 

Also, your new mattress could be feeling different than what you felt in the store. Are your slats flexible? Is your box spring broken, bent or damaged? These can all be contributing factors.

Remember, a new mattress, if designed properly, can give you proper support and great sleep. The mattresses at Nest Bedding are designed to support your body and cradle the curvature of each individual customer. However, a new mattress may not solve all your physical ailments. It is important to see your doctor or Chiropractor when you are experiencing back issues and get the real low down on where your back issues are emanating.

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