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Increase Your Quality of Life with Technology and Get Some Sleep

Do you get enough sleep? Your friends at Nest Bedding would like to help.

You’re out half the night and you work most of the day. You stay up late watching David Letterman if you are home and you snore. Generally, you feel okay—so yeah, you get enough sleep.

Experts disagree. As a matter of fact, lack of sleep is considered a public epidemic. Lack of sleep can be the cause of you not being able to do your job to the best of your ability, falling asleep while you drive and during the day, and the root of clouded, unclear thinking. People who have sleep problems are more apt to have cancer, diabetes, and be depressed.

So what’s an insomniac to do?

Years ago, going to a sleep clinic was about all you could do to monitor your sleep. Today it’s different. Technology and science have teamed up to create some awesome ways that you can track your sleep patterns.

Use Your Phone

And you thought that updating your status and playing Candy Crush were all you could accomplish on a phone—oh, you can talk to people, too. This is not true. There are phone apps now that will track your sleep patterns and warn you if you are running low on sleep, and most of the apps are compatible with your favorite devices, like iPad Air. The apps have the ability to record sounds in the room, such as snoring or if you talk in your sleep.

These apps will wake you up with soothing tones or nature sounds at the time you should be getting up in your sleep cycle so you won’t be groggy. You’ll end up paying a couple bucks for some of these apps, which is a lot less than the price you’ll pay if you fall asleep on the way to work.


Smart watches and wristbands are all the rage, and with good reason. You can track your health in all kinds of ways. Among the many things one of these wristbands can track is yes, you guessed it, how you sleep. It’s lightweight and sturdy—most people don’t even remember they have it on. This innovative wrist wearable connects to your smartphone, tracks how long it took you to go to sleep, how long you were in a light sleep, how long you slept hard, how many times you woke up, and more. All in all, it’s an amazing way to track all aspects of your sleep and other areas of your life.

Your Night Table

No, they don’t have night tables that track your sleep—this is something better.

Sense, is a modern sleep monitoring system that has been released and is the first of its kind. It’s made up of two devices—one goes in your pillow and one goes on your night table. Not only does it track everything about your sleep, it senses your bedroom conditions such as noise level and how much your bedroom air is polluted, and combines the two into a report so that you have the ultimate sleeping gauge.

Not enough sleep is a problem for a lot of people, but it doesn’t have to be. Just lay down and let technology take care of the rest.