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3 of the Best Non-Toxic Kids Beds

3 of the Best Non-Toxic Kids Beds

According to WebMD, babies need 12-15 hours of sleep and kids need 8 to 12 hours of sleep. That's a lot of time spent on a mattress! So what are they breathing in those 33 to 63 percent of their days? 

The answer depends on what's in your kids' beds and mattresses. Many popular memory foam mattresses contain polyurethane as the main ingredient. Polyurethane is mixed with other substances like formaldehyde and polyvinyl chloride in some memory foam-making processes.

If your child's mattress is off-gassing certain toxins, they could be breathing harmful air while they sleep. Thankfully, you can find a comfortable organic mattress for every stage of childhood. Keep reading to discover the best non-toxic kids beds.

1. Love & Sleep

This USA-made mattress is available in any standard size. The Love & Sleep is Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certified.


The Love & Sleep is made of CertiPUR-US certified foams. To reduce off-gassing, all foams are first aired out in their factory. Your kids can rest easy with a non-chemical flame barrier made from hydrogenated silica.

This mattress is ideal for kids and adults who sleep warm. The Love & Sleep is equipped with an Energex Cooling comfort layer and a SmartFlow airflow layer. Add a Thermic Phase change cooling cover and you've got yourself a cool night's sleep.

Size and Support Options

The Love & Sleep has a support base foam layer. Most side and back sleepers will opt for the medium support option.

Side and stomach sleepers who want a little more support can select a firm Love & Sleep mattress. The firm mattresses offer more lumbar support but still have a soft, plush topper.

The Love & Sleep is great for a kids loft bed and a kids twin bed with a standard or XL twin mattress. You choose this mattress for your kid's full-size bed as well. It's also available in Queen, King, Full King, Split King, and California Split and Full King.

2. My BKB (Big Kids Bed)

If your kiddo is just graduating to their big kid bed, here's your mattress! Let's take a closer look at why this award-winning, first-ever mattress-in-a-box for your big kid.


My BKB mattresses are made of CertiPUR-US certified foams. These materials are tested to meet CertiPur-US's strict standards for durability, performance, emissions, and content. You can rest assured your big kids won't breathe in harmful VOCs from a My BKB mattress.

Made in the USA, My BKB mattresses have no chemical fire barrier or toxic materials. Like other Nest Bedding mattresses, it airs out in the factory before it's shipped to you.

Have kids who need to keep it cool in their sleep? My BKB mattresses have a thermic phase change cooling cover. You and your child can rest easy with organic, toxin-free cooling materials.

Size and Support Options

My BKB was voted best kids bed by Mattress Advisor AND The Sleep Foundation. It's also a 2021 top pick for the most comfortable mattress by the Sleep Foundation.

My Big Kid Bed comes in twin, twin XL, and full sizes.


Quality materials shouldn't have to break the bank. My BKB prices start at $315. What's better, The Nest Bedding company will ship your Big Kid Bed free.

3. Certified Organic Crib Mattresses

Let's not forget our littlest sleepers. Nobody appreciates a baby's good sleep more than their parents. Here's why this Certified Organic Crib Mattress should be your baby's first sleeping surface.


The Nest's Certified Organic Crib Mattresses aren't just good for babies, they're good for the earth as well. Built and designed by the experts at OMI's certified ECO-FACTORY™ in Northern California, these are top-notch mattresses.

The Certified Organic Crib Mattress is made from certified organic wool and cotton materials. These materials are backed by the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) Control Union. GOTS aims to define requirements that make sure organic and raw materials are harvested in socially responsible ways.

A non-chemical fire barrier is created in each mattress by combining certified organic cotton and certified organic wool quilted inside.

Size and Support

Your sweet little one can count their first sheep on a Certified Organic Latex or Certified Organic Quilted Innerspring mattress. Both are Greenguard Gold, GOTS, and GOLS certified.

Certified Organic Latex crib mattresses measure 28" wide by 52" long and five inches high. They support children up to 30lbs. Latex crib mattresses are all firm support levels.

Certified Organic Innerspring Crib mattresses measure 28" wide by 52" long and six inches high. These mattresses have a 35lb weight limit and are available in a firm support level.

Kids Beds Should Be Safe and Comfy

Your kids should be breathing clean air while they sleep. Some popular memory foam mattresses contain toxic substances. Your child could be exposed to off-gassing each time they sleep on their mattress.

The Nest Bedding offers three safe, USA-made organic mattress options for your kids. They've won multiple sleep and organic materials awards. Each mattress contains a non-chemical flame barrier and ships free.

Find Rest at The Nest

We have certified organic mattresses for kids trundle beds, kids loft beds, and bunk beds for kids! We've got a wide selection of safe and comfortable bedding for the adults in your home. We even have beds for your pets!

Give our US-based customer support a call anytime day or night at (888) 992-2001. Let us help you and your family rest easy.

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