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5 Terrific Reasons to Make Your Bed Each Day

5 Terrific Reasons to Make Your Bed Each Day

Did you know that people who go through the effort of cleaning a bedroom have better sleep than people who don't? Six out of ten people wash and change their sheets weekly, which leads to better sleep. 

One of the easiest things that you could do to clean your bedroom is to make your bed. However, most people don't bother with this. They think it doesn't matter because your bed is just going to get unmade as soon as you sleep in it.

Making your bed is like doing laundry or washing the dishes - it's a task that's never completely done. People get to wondering if it's worth the hassle. The truth is, taking the time to make your bed is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

If you keep reading, we'll give you five awesome reasons to make your bed each morning.

Why You Should Make Your Bed

1. Creates a Feeling of Accomplishment

Taking the time to make your bed should be the first thing you do every morning. Doing this gives you a feeling of accomplishment - you've only been awake for five minutes and you've already gotten something done!

It gives you an instant feeling like you're ready to take on the day. This means that you have the motivation to tackle certain things that you've been eyeing for a while. Making your bed gives you an instant win that you can feel good about.

Even if you don't end up being productive that day, it still helps. Even if you didn't do anything else that day, you took the time to make your bed. You got something done.

2. Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene is the combination of environmental factors and personal habits that contribute to your quality of sleep. Normally, good sleep hygiene involves doing things like avoiding drinking caffeine or using your laptop before bed.

However, if you take the time to make your bed, you can build a habit of doing so. Turning making your bed into a part of your morning routine will help you to sleep better at night.

Building a habit like making your bed might be difficult to do. You'll probably have to consciously remind yourself to do it at first. Eventually, though, you won't believe that you didn't take the time to make your bed before!

In addition, making your bed helps you stay away from it. This solidifies in your brain that the bed is only for sleeping, something that helps with setting a sleep schedule.

3. Makes Bedding Last Longer 

When you make your bed, part of what you do is smooth out wrinkles and fluff your pillows. By doing this, you make sure that your bedding and pillows keep their shape for longer.

By keeping their shape longer, the fabric in your bed comforters is less likely to wear out from constant wrinkling. The stuffing in your pillows is less likely to bunch up.

Making your bedding last longer is a smart choice for multiple reasons. People sleep better with bedding that they know and love. You also save money by making your bed, as you can extend the amount of time it takes between bedding purchases.

There are other things you can do to make sure your bedding lasts a long time, like purchasing cotton bedding, but making your bed is one of the easiest ways to do this.

4. Lowers Stress

Making your bed can actually help you lower your stress levels for a variety of reasons. As said before, it gives you an instant accomplishment and helps you to practice good sleep hygiene. It also helps you to begin to declutter your space.

Even the best of us get stressed out when living in a cluttered area. We start thinking about how we should clean, and how much we have left to do. This distracts people and often can make you too tense to sleep.

By having your bed made, you're skirting around that problem. You can focus on the fact that you cleaned something, and that not everything is cluttered. This will give you the calm you need to relax and get to sleep on time.

5. Builds Good Habits

As said earlier in this article, making your bed helps you begin the process of de-cluttering. This helps you to build good habits! 

When you enter your bedroom, your eye is naturally drawn to your bed. If it's unmade, the entire rest of the room can look messy as a result. However, if you took the time to make your bed, everything looks slightly neater.

This helps you to take baby steps. First, you make your bed every morning. Then you end up doing things like putting your clothes in the hamper or washing your breakfast dishes right away.

Before you know it, you've built up a variety of habits of keeping things clean. Because you made your bed, you can now enjoy a neat and tidy home!

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