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6 Benefits of Using a Cotton Comforter Set

6 Benefits of Using a Cotton Comforter Set

Your favorite cotton comforter began as a white, pink, or bright yellow flower the size of your palm. Compare that to the origins of a synthetic comforter, which likely started as a tangle of plastic in a vat of chemicals. The lifecycle of your favorite bedding might explain why you've been sweating through your sheets, tossing and turning, or even experiencing allergies. 

Cotton is the all-natural, antibacterial, super-soft fiber that has helped humans achieve an ideal night of sleep for thousands of years. At Nest, cotton's enduring reputation is the key to our own reputation for high-quality, luxury bedding. When you understand the difference that organic cotton makes, you won't ever look at those cheap, synthetic comforters the same way! 

We've curated this list of six of the most significant benefits of choosing an organic cotton comforter from our collection. Read on to discover how natural, sustainable materials can lead to your best night of sleep yet. 

Benefit #1: Sleep Well in Any Weather

We've all played musical chairs with our comforters. Finding covers that keep you comfortable all night is challenging in a seasonal climate. When you spend time kicking off your covers or hunting for them in the dark, you're sacrificing quality sleep, leading to poor health, focus, or mood. 

Cotton is an organic material that comes straight from the ground. All the cotton used in Nest's cotton comforter sets is grown and harvested in the United States. It's naturally antibacterial and moisture-wicking due to its large pores. 

What does that mean for hot sleepers? Those pores increase airflow, helping you regulate your body temperature without tossing or turning. That's what we mean when we describe our comforters and other bedding as "breathable." 

Our cotton comforters are lightweight, soft, and keep you cool and comfortable, even on stifling summer nights. A lower body temperature is part of your body's natural sleep cycle. When you choose an organic cotton comforter set, you're helping your body recharge. 

Benefit #2: Your Skin Loves It

A fine cotton comforter is like a fine wine: it improves with time! As the natural fibers in your organic cotton comforter break down, they become even softer and more pleasant to the touch. Of course, we also find our cotton bedding perfectly dreamy right out of the packaging! 

Did we mention that cotton is naturally antibacterial? While it benefits from a wash, it won't hang onto viruses and bacteria the way synthetic fibers will. That makes it a particularly reassuring option for families with children who want to keep sensitive skin safe.  

Benefit #3: Cotton Lasts

When you first experience the softness of your Nest cotton comforter, you might not believe that something so heavenly soft can hold up. Cotton is one of the most durable textiles available. Organic cotton has no additives or chemicals, meaning nothing will diminish the strength of these mighty natural fibers. 

A high-quality organic cotton comforter is an investment. It will maintain its quality but grow softer and more comfortable over time. Our organic fibers can withstand multiple washings, so you'll be able to enjoy the natural cooling properties for years to come. 

Benefit #4: It's All Natural 

When you choose organic cotton bedding, you're choosing to be kind to the earth. It all starts with the domestically-grown and harvested organic cotton. Organic crops use less water and no dangerous chemicals, so it's not harmful to our water supply. 

Instead, our American farmers rely on tried-and-true farming methods, such as crop rotation and natural pest control. Organic farmers don't need to use synthetic materials or treat the fiber with chemicals after harvesting. It's healthier, sturdier, and better for the environment. 

Not all cotton is grown in such a responsible manner. With Nest, you know you'll be getting the highest quality product from the beginning. Our obsession with our materials means you benefit from the improved texture and durability of the finished product. 

Best of all, you'll sleep easier knowing that we crafted your product using the most sustainable, earth-friendly practices. 

Benefit #5: Allergies Don't Stand a Chance

If you've been sleeping poorly, you might blame your bedtime routine or media use. In reality, sneaky allergens in your bedding could be the culprits. Everything from chemicals, synthetic fibers, and fabric dyes can cause sleep disturbances that reduce your quality of sleep and, thus, your quality of life. 

Even the source of the cotton can contribute to skin irritation and respiratory troubles. Our cotton is organic, and our farmers prefer natural pest control. That means sneaky pesticides never get into our products and can't wreak havoc on your body. 

Plus, we cannot overemphasize the value of cotton's naturally antibacterial properties. Bacteria that make you sick can't live on cotton. The natural pores are too large!

Choosing an organic cotton comforter is key to sleeping better, even if you have chemical sensitivities or fiber allergies.

Benefit #6: Maintenence-Free Style 

One of the most common misconceptions about cotton bedding is that it can be hard to maintain. It's not only simple and safe to wash your organic cotton bedding, but washing might even improve your sleep experience!

Wash your organic cotton comforter separately in cool water and hand-dry. You don't need any fabric conditioner or special additives. Your comforter will hold up, dry soft, and keep you cool and cozy again in no time! 

Sleep Easy on a Cotton Comforter From Nest

Warm sleepers, allergy suffers, and sustainability fans unite! A cotton comforter from Nest is the best way to ensure a cool, hypoallergenic night of sleep on bedding that won't harm the earth. Your cotton-filled comforter will stay soft, durable, and easy to maintain for years, making it an investment in quality sleep. 

Nest's award-winning bedding will help you achieve a perfect night of relaxation. Browse our complete collection of luxurious organic bedding and see why our customers are raving about everything from our pillows to our mattress pads.