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A Cool And Restful Night of Sleep for Growing Kids 

A Cool And Restful Night of Sleep for Growing Kids 

School is just around the corner, and your kid is getting ready for middle school.

It's a time of great excitement and growth but it can also be a little scary. You want to ensure your little one is prepared for what's coming up next: new classes, new friends, and new challenges.

At Nest Bedding, we believe that a good night's sleep is the foundation for everything else your child does in life. That's why we've created the Puffin and Lark mattress—an outstanding way to start their journey into adulthood with the best support possible.

Nest Bedding Puffin Mattress Review

Your toddler is growing up fast, so it's time to think about upgrading their mattress. For this reason, we designed the Puffin Mattress with your little one in mind. The Puffin is our most popular mattress, and it's easy to see why: it has all of the features you love about our mattresses but with a lower profile for smaller spaces.

This mattress features our Energex™ Temperature Responsive Foam™ technology, which allows the mattress to conform to your child's body and relieve pressure points as needed. The foam also keeps your child cool throughout the night by responding to changes in temperature—which means less tossing and turning.

We also added an extra layer of cooling cover foam under the top layer of our proprietary foam blend, which helps regulate body temperature while sleeping on this bed. This combination allows for a comfortable sleep without overheating.

This mattress also has a fire barrier made from non-chemical hydrogenated silica. This means your kid can sleep soundly without worrying about toxic chemicals leaking into their lungs while sleeping. We know how important this is to you, so we went above and beyond to make sure we covered all of your bases in this space.

So give your big kid something they'll love when you upgrade them to a mattress that's not just comfortable and safe but also eco-friendly.

Nest Bedding Lark Mattress Review

We want your child to feel comfortable at night so they can get the rest they need to succeed in school. The Nest Bedding Lark Mattress offers just that—a supportive surface that will keep them safe while they sleep after finishing up their homework or after-school activities.

This mattress is made with the same high-quality materials as the rest of our products, but it has a few special features that make it perfect for school-going kids.

First, the Lark Mattress combines Organic Cotton Knit and Joma Wool with our exclusive comfort foam layers to give it just the right amount of softness and support. This mattress adapts to fit the unique shape of your child's body every day—so they wake up feeling refreshed every morning.

In addition, our eco-friendly Dunlop Latex is infused with All Natural CertiPUR-US® Certified Foam Encasement Technology™ to create a breathable sleeping surface while allowing air to circulate freely throughout the mattress.

The Lark Mattress is also built with an eco-friendly fire barrier made from non-chemical, hydrogenated silica that keeps your child free from harmful chemicals such as PBDEs (polybrominated diphenyl ethers) and TDCPP (triphenyl phosphate).

With all these benefits, the Lark Mattress is the perfect choice for any growing child who wants a comfortable night's sleep.

Before You Leave

If your little one is getting ready to head back to school this fall, let's ensure they're prepared with the right mattress. The Nest Bedding puffin and lark mattress is the perfect choice for your child's new bedroom—it's supportive enough for their growing bodies and firm enough to give them a good night's sleep.

And if you're worried about back-to-school shopping? We've got you covered there too. Our mattresses are available on our website, so you can have them shipped straight to your door before the first day of school.

Contact us today to place your order.