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What You Get When You Buy A Mattress

Categories: mattress shopping

 Ah, the joys of mattress shopping. Obviously, very few, if any of us, really enjoy the process. The mattresses themselves are so nice and comfy, but its the used car tactics and misinformation and high prices that take all the fun out of a purchase that should be focused on making you feel good. 

I have been in the business a long time, and I thought it would be good to share with people just what you are buying when you buy a mattress. 

No, you are not just buying a mattress. Stores have a storefront. And the fancier the store location, such as 4th street in Berkeley, the more expensive the mattress. It's called cost of business. Running a business has a cost, and it is the culmination of many factors: location, advertising, salespeople commissions, insurance, dues, fees, licenses, taxes, advertising, trucks, warehousing, shipping. Whew, remind me why I went into business for myself again?!

When you buy that mattress, who you buy it from has everything to do with the cost of the mattress, and the price. If a retailer has a warehouse and keeps a lot of stock, that stock has a cost. And warehousing it has a cost, as does transporting it and handling it. That is on top of the price they paid from the manufacturer. Then you have the rent, the utilities, the commercials, the commission they pay the my estimation, when you buy from a big retail operation like this, you get about $50-$75 worth of mattress for every $1000 you pay at retail. Is it any wonder then that the mattress wears out after just a few years?

Its one of the reasons going into this business that I wanted to make it more simple, less work, and thus I can make a living and run the business and still provide a good quality affordable product to my customers. There are several factors I employ.

1. I try to partner with as many brands that drop ship as possible. This keeps me from having to hire people to unload trucks and load trucks. It allows me to operate without having to pay for and manage a warehouse, that rent, and the insurance and utilities. And a truck to run the stock around.

2. Finding brands with a high profile and good reputation. If they are active on the internet and have good traffic, and good reviews, I don't have to spend as much on advertising.

3. Focus on showrooms. By practicing the above, I can just focus on preparing and operating a showroom, and not have to be in a high traffic/high rent area. That equals less expenses, better prices, more value for the dollar for my customer.

So, the next time you see ":Mattress sale", take a look at their operation, ask questions: Where does it come from, how far does this product travel, where is it housed, etc. After all, its your hard earned money, you want value, right?