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A comfort layer exchange you can redeem once, at any time, to alter the feel of your mattress or to increase its lifespan (this option saves you time and money while reducing waste).

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What To Consider When Shopping For A Memory Foam Mattress

You see it everywhere...Gel Foam, Memory Foam, Foam Bed Sale, Memory Foam Mattress Sale. Cheap Foam beds available at Costco or WalMart from brands like Serta, Sealy, Tempurpedic, Simmons. iComfort, Select Comfort. It can be overwhelming for consumers. But those are just a few of the challenges. There are more! Google "memory foam" mattress or "memory foam complaints" and you will see that your concerns and issues are the same as everyone else's....foam sleeps hot, I feel like I get stuck in one spot, it makes my head dizzy with chemical smells, it's too expensive. Let's face it, memory foam is not the most eco-friendly thing in the world. Then why does everyone sell it so well?

Memory foam is, in our opinion, one of the best surfaces you can sleep upon, due to its support, durability and comfort: simply put, its the best material for providing pressure-free, supportive sleep.

If you are shopping around the San Francisco and Berkeley Bay Area for a mattress on sale, you will quickly discover TONS of stores selling pretty much the same thing. Memory foam is everywhere. Its even in that old coil mattress you have at home. It's true, in our experience, most consumers are completely unaware that their current mattress contains foam above the coils. And its that foam that wears out and creates a body impression, not the coils failing. Coils rarely if every wear out, it's the stuff above them, the foam, that does. 

All memory foams are not created equally. In fact, by definition, memory foam is just a fancy term for foam. All foam returns to its prior shape, its what foam does. We have foam everywhere: under our carpet, in our chairs and sofas, in our car seats, shoes, etc. What makes all these types of foam different is the quality of the foam. The foam used by most mattress companies is a low-density, low quality foam, which is guaranteed to matte down rather quickly, sleeps hot and has a toxic foam odor. Good quality foam breathes well and does not sleep hot, lasts a long time and does not have that toxic VOC scent. What is a VOC? Volatile Organic Compounds. The act of anything having a scent. A rose has a's just not toxic. 

These are all the same factors that we weighed when opening Nest Bedding. We wanted to start with a foundation: Made in the USA products, non-toxic, organic and natural. We are proud to say we are 90% American made in our products, with all our mattresses being made in the USA. After considering Tempurpedic, Simmons, Serta, Sealy and all the major brands, we decided to approach They make their memory foam mattresses here in the USA, using good quality, eco-friendly foam from North Carolina. What? Eco-Friendly foam? Yes, you heard us right. 

A quick primer in foam: There is only two ways to make foam; rubber or synthetics. If someone tells you they make natural memory foam, or its made of soybean oil or castor bean oil, they are not being 100% forthcoming (lie). Now, in between those two foams, you can mix in things. For example, you can mix synthetics with latex to create latex that feels more like memory foam, or you can replace some of the synthetic content with natural plant oils such as soy or castor oil to create a foam which is less dependent on synthetics. Bed In A Box utilizes a memory foam with 10-12% soybean oil. Like a Prius, it's less dependent on oil. Next, all their foams are cured. That means it off-gasses in a filtered room and not into your lungs in your house. When you get your new Bed In A Box brand mattress from Nest Bedding in Albany California, you get a memory foam mattress made in America, that won't stink up your house and make you sick with noxious fumes, and won't be treated with toxic chemicals to make them fire retardant. And they are reasonably priced! 

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