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Do I Need A New Mattress?

Categories: mattress shopping
Turn on the TV, Radio or open a web browser or newspaper, especially here in the San Francisco Bay Area, and someone is telling you that you need to replace your old mattress. Of course, the entity telling you this information just happens to be selling them, so they may not be the most unbiased judge of your current mattress. Here are a few simple ways you can judge for yourself, from your friends at Nest Bedding in the Berkeley Albany area.
  • If you have a wire-tied coil mattress, and value your rest, it's time to change. What is a wire-tied coil mattress? This is the least expensive way to make a mattress, so many of the name brand mattresses and no name brand mattress manufacturers will use what is often referred to as a bonnell coil system. Its cheap to make a bed with this type of base material, but about the absolute worst thing you can subject your body to. Wire-tied coils are interconnected, which means when you push on one, the surrounding coils move as well, not only adding to the pressure pushing against them and subsequently pushing back at you, but they transfer motion from a partner or pet in the bed. Proper posture is not supported on a wire-tied coil system, forcing the back to flatten out. Also, the more pressure applied to the body, the more blood flow is inhibited. The body will wake up from a deep, restorative sleep to move so proper blood flow is achieved. This could be happening every 15-30 minutes, keeping you from achieving proper rest. A supportive, good quality, non-toxic memory foam mattress, a pocketed coil mattress or good organic, natural mattress like the ones found at Nest Bedding in the Berkeley Albany CA area allow your body to get the rest you need.
  • If you have a valley in your mattress, time to get not only a new one, but better quality one. I am left scratching my head as to why consumers will go out into the market and buy the same low quality recognizable name brand just a few years after their last name brand mattress started to develop a valley after just a few years. A quick trip to a few major mattress retailers websites around the San Francisco Bay Area will reveal they recommend switching out a mattress every 5-7 years. Bet they don't say that in the store! You don't need a new bed that often...unless you are buying a name brand mattress on sale at a typical mattress store. A good quality mattress, cared for properly, will last at least a decade, without a body impression.
  • Are you waking up in pain? If you are waking up in pain, it means you are sleeping in pain. And if there is pain, you are not getting deep, restorative sleep. Improper posture can lead to muscles unable to relax all night, leading to stiffness and pain. Too hard or soft a surface can lead to pain as well. A good quality mattress should be comfortable, durable and affordable. Trust US made mattresses. Do your research on sites like or Yelp is a good indicator of customer experiences as well. Buy American made, with valid certifications to back their claims of performance and quality.
  • Maybe you just need a topper? Often times, customers can simply solve their comfort issues with a good wool topper, latex foam topper or memory foam topper, all of which we carry in the Nest Bedding store or online at If your mattress is not comfortable you can firm it up or soften it by adding a new layer. If your mattress has a valley or body impression however, a mattress topper will only change the feel and will quickly follow the contour of whatever surface it sits, so your new topper will just be more material with a dip in the middle.
  • Check your box spring or foundation. Sometimes, not enough slats, broken slats or broken box spring can affect the feel of the mattress and the support, leading to back pain. Pull your mattress off its foundation and inspect it. Are the slats more than 3-4" apart? Add some. 
Of course, we are a mattress store, and we have memory foam, latex organic natural mattresses and bedding, all affordable and US made. But you don't always need a new mattress. Sometimes, you just need to do a little maintenance or inspection on what you already have to ensure a great night's sleep.