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Finding The Cause Of Insomnia

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Insomnia is basically a person’s lack of ability to get good night’s sleep for days and weeks on end. When don’t get a good night’s rest, it’s near impossible to perform your daily duties. Taking an afternoon nap seems to be all you think of. Even if you do take set aside a few minutes for a nap, you can be so stressed out your mind will still be buzzing. Lack of sleep does increase anxiety and tension in one’s life, finding a solution is the only way get back on track.


Let’s face it when we’re stressed our entire nervous system is affected. We can’t think straight, can’t cope with everyday annoyances, we may even notice skin rashes and experience frightening chest pains. If you are experiencing chronic itching, rashes, welts, hives and other skin problems then you can be experiencing a nervous problem that is causing you to lose sleep. Seeking medical treatment is the first step to determine what the problem is, and if you have a nervous disorder, the doctor can prescribe treatments that will help you get rest while relieving you of the nervous systems.


Because insomnia is usually revealing an underlying problem with mental health, physical health and stress, gaining wisdom about these problems can help you to get a better understanding of the cause of your insomnia. If you are experience symptoms such as, hallucinations, hyperactivity, loss of memory, panic attacks, outbursts, or other related problems then you will need treatment in the area of mental health in order to treat your insomnia. Most mental health issues require the assistance of medicines, fixing the mental health issue will most likely fix your sleep problem at the same time.


Medical problems can be more difficult to diagnose if the symptoms that a person appears to be dealing with appears to be physical but actually originates as a mental disorder. You’ve heard it said, “It’s all in your head” but when do you know if it is perceived or real? For the most part chest pains, skin irritations, aches of the body, tension, and insomnia is a surefire sign of nervous conditions, which are treated easily by a physician.

Whatever the reason behind your insomnia, it is important to learn techniques that will help you decrease stress, as well as learn exercises and proper nutrition, this will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes a good night’s sleep.


Nest Bedding is dedicated to providing people with solutions to your sleep issues, whether it's a new mattress, pillow or information on how to solve your sleep issues. While we are not doctors and highly recommend that you consult with your physician if you are dealing with insomnia, we can help you with organic, natural and non-toxic mattresses, pillow, sheets and everything you need for great, comfortable sleep. Located in the Berkeley  Albany area in the San Francisco Bay Area, Nest Bedding is here to help.