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9 Top Summer Bedroom Ideas to Feel Cool and Cozy

feet relaxed on a bed facing an ocean sunrise

feet relaxed on a bed facing an ocean sunrise

Summer is here and we all know what that means — barbecues and parties, slathering on sunscreen, heading to the beach and lazy summer nights on the back porch.

Along with those summer nights comes balmy weather for sleeping (or lack thereof). Those winter linens and colors aren't going to cut it for summer. You need to think about changing your bedroom over to a brighter, lighter feel. It'll not only look in tune with the season but help you sleep better too! Here's how to do it.

1. Clean and Put Away

You probably already did your spring cleaning; however, it was probably too chilly to store your linens, heavy comforters and pile rugs.

Wash and dry all your linens — including your comforter — and, if your space is limited, vacuum-seal them in a zippered, plastic bag and throw it under your bed or in the burrows of your closet. You can rent a shampooer from Home Depot or Lowes to clean your area rugs. When they're dry, store them in rug storage bags.

2. Bring Forth Cool Colors

Perhaps your bedroom could use a fresh coat of paint. There are certainly tons of summer hues to select from:

  • Pastels of peach and mint
  • Neutral sand tones
  • Beachy blues and greens
  • Garden colors of mauves and pinks
  • Sunny yellows and oranges
  • A wide range of ever-popular whites

Yet, summer isn't the optimal time to paint your bedroom — or any room for that matter. Paint won't dry well in hot, humid weather.

So, how do you change up the color scheme if you can't paint your walls? With pops of color throughout your bedroom, of course! Bedding in your favorite shades is one thing. But if you have space, you can peruse yard sales and flea markets for a stool that can be transformed into a bedside table or maybe pick up a wicker chair. Spray paint the item(s) in a color of your choice that's season-friendly.

You can also throw in bursts of color with décor. Whatever colors you decide to use, place them around the room repeatedly. Need some ideas? Here are a few:

  • Scatter some accent vases around.
  • Add sisal or wicker baskets for storing extra summer blankets.
  • Switch darker mirror and picture frames for lighter ones.
  • Toss in new colorful throw pillows; patterns and stripes also work in your selected colors.

3. Time for New Sheets

Are you a hot or cool sleeper? What's your summer bedroom temperature? These and other things need to be considered when picking out your summer sheets.

  • If you're a hot sleeper, sheets that proclaim to eliminate sweat will work wonders for you. Look for sheets with moisture-wicking fabric.
  • You'll find that 100% cotton is the comfiest for summer nights due to its breathable, natural fibers.
  • You may think that a higher thread count is better, yet that's not the case. Unfortunately, thread count is easily misunderstood and misleading. So when you're choosing sheets always go for long or extra-long-staple cotton. The cotton quality is the element that's most significant.
  • Sateen weave versus percale weave is worth looking at as well. The silkier, lighter weave of sateen is great for those who'd rather use only a top sheet instead of a blanket. Percale has a more open, plainer weave with a dull texture — something like a dress shirt. This weave creates a crisp, but a wrinkly, sheet and is fantastic for summer.

4. Change out Those Area Rugs

In the winter, you absolutely love how your bedside, deep pile area rug feels beneath your feet. However, that rug will be too warm for the weather that's knocking at your front door. Try bringing a cool, crisp look to your bedroom floor with a good quality indoor/outdoor rug. But if you want that same soft feel underfoot choose a sisal or cotton rug.

5. Dive Into Cool Blankets

Now that you've selected sheets, you'll want something to put over them that'll look neat — and pretty — when you're not in bed and that'll keep you from getting chilled when you're slumbering. The coverlet is the ideal piece. It's usually woven with a pattern and the fabric is single-ply creating a breathable, light bed topper. Another awesome option is an open, airy knit weave cotton blanket.

6. Let Your Windows Work for You

Now is the time to take down those heavy, winter curtains. Hang some sheer, lace or lightweight linen drapes that will let in that gorgeous summer breeze. If you need to block out those beautiful sunrises or the hot afternoon sun, consider Roman shades or blackout shades.

Usually, you have the A/C running through the night. But why not make use of your windows? Use a window fan instead — you could save on your electricity bill since a window fan will use about 60% less energy. Now, that's a bonus! There are plenty of window fans that are two fans in one; one fan extracts hot air from inside while the other pulls outside air in.

7. Don't Get Crazy

It's fine to want a relaxed appearance. Yet you don't want your bedroom to look like something out of a reality show with an overdone theme. Remember, less is more. So a small piece of driftwood on a bedside table or a glass plate displaying a few seashells is perfect.

8. Move Your Sleep

Do you have a large bedroom? Are you feeling energetic? If you answered yes to both then try moving your bed to a different area of your room. You might gain the benefit of a better breeze from your ceiling fan or a beautiful, gentle summer wind blowing through one of your windows. You'll get a completely different outlook of your room too!

9. Let There Be…Flowers?

To cool their environment and leaves, flowers and plants dispel water into the air and enhance its quality. This is great for helping you sleep — so why not bring some of the outdoors in?

Add to the flower's vase water some apple cider vinegar and sugar in equal parts. This will keep them looking their best for a longer period of time. Be mindful that this solution will need replacing each day or two.

Also, be aware of how much upkeep these plants or flowers will need and how much sunlight flows through your bedroom. Can you think of anything sadder than rising in the morning to dried up flowers and plants? So if you don't want the fuss but want the beauty, pick low-maintenance flowers and plants for that spurt of color.

Now that your bedroom has been morphed into a summer oasis, you'll be able to sleep well and get the rest your body and mind require. Contact us for more details on how to create the perfect bedroom for maximum sleeping advantages. Pleasant dreams!