Lifetime Renewal Exchange

A comfort layer exchange you can redeem once, at any time, to alter the feel of your mattress or to increase its lifespan (this option saves you time and money while reducing waste).

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Why Is A Good Mattress Important?

I remember many years ago, young and broke, moving into my own apartment, and not having enough money to properly furnish the place. I did however buy a mattress, of course, needing somewhere to sleep. I think it was used in fact. But when my friends would come over, there was a fridge, stove and mattress, nothing else. 
A mattress is pretty much a necessity. Even around the streets of San Francisco, you see homeless people sleeping in doorways with a makeshift mattress constructed of newspaper for comfort and warmth over a piece of cardboard. And while that is very eco-friendly, most of us are fortunate enough to afford a mattress of some level of quality. (In fact, please check out my friends at Tuft and Needle who are working hard to help those in need of a bed get the mattress they deserve)
But why do we NEED a mattress? Why is a good mattress so important? Why can't we all just sleep on the floor?
Over the centuries, civilizations have crafted their mattress from the natural materials around them. Recently, archaeologists discovered a mattress tens of thousands of years old, made with sticks and grasses. Sleep is one of the common factors that link us through the centuries, the need for the body to shut down and rest, rebuild and rejuvenate. And a good mattress is one major factor in helping you to achieve the rest you need by providing proper support so your muscles can relax, and comfort so you can fall asleep and stay asleep. 
A good mattress should provide support, comfort and durability without affecting your body negatively. And in today's age of environmental enlightenment, it is additionally good to find one made with materials which are safe for your body and the environment. 
These basic elements will help you achieve proper support, proper air flow so you don't sleep hot, a level of comfort so you are not tossing and turning, lack of pressure and motion from a sleeping partner, and durable materials which will maintain the support and comfort over a long period of time. 
A bad mattress, conversely, will keep you awake at night, depriving you of proper rest. Sweating in your sleep or sleeping hot, improper blood flow, improper support, feeling a partner's movements, pain from pressure, these are all factors which can lead to sleep deprivation and can be the result of a bad mattress. 
And it is this list of basic elements that should dictate your mattress purchase. These elements are the ones I take into account when deciding which products and brands to carry in my store. I feel we have an obligation to our customers to provide a great product at a reasonable price, one that will last and be a good value, one that will provide proper rest and one that will have a minimum impact on the environment. 
Whether you prefer a non-toxic memory foam mattress or an organic, natural latex mattress, Nest Bedding has a very good selection of affordable mattresses. Soon opening in San Francisco at 283 9th St and open now at 1053 Solano Ave in Albany/Berkeley Ca.