Lifetime Renewal Exchange

A comfort layer exchange you can redeem once, at any time, to alter the feel of your mattress or to increase its lifespan (this option saves you time and money while reducing waste).

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Feeling The Pressure? Consider A Memory Foam Mattress

I once had a neighbor who owned a Ford Pinto. That car was in the shop more than it was in his driveway. Notice you don't see any Ford Pinto's on the road these days? That is because they were fraught with defects and broke down at an alarming rate. It would be safe to say that if a Ford Pinto was the only car you ever owned, your opinion of cars would be very low.

So it can go for memory foam mattresses. More often than not customers have a low opinion of memory foam mattresses because of their experience, or the experience of a friend, who owns one. The common complaints range from memory foam sleeps hot to it is toxic and the fumes make people sick. And while this is not only true but the experience I can relate from years of selling Tempurpedic and other foam mattress brands, I can tell you my experience selling Bed In A Box memory foam mattresses has been very different. So, if the common complaints about memory foam mattresses were not an issue, this is why you should consider a non-toxic memory foam mattress:
  • Good quality, CertiPUR Certified, US made and third party certified memory foam mattresses can transform your sleep relieving the pressure of a coil. Foam is the best material for absorbing pressure, and it is pressure which creates pain and discomfort, along with decreased blood flow. Certified memory foam, such as the type found in Bed In A memory foam mattresses provide proper support due to its density, while providing that support without off-gassing toxic fumes or emitting chemicals from the fire barrier.
  • Memory foam CAN provide support at a good price. Yes, more major brand memory foam mattresses are very expensive, but this is due to the bloated business model of mass marketing and excessive transportation. Not all memory foam mattresses are expensive.
  • Not all memory foam mattresses are created equal, so not all share the common complaints, such as sleeps hot, expensive, toxic fume emissions and sleeping in a sinking hole effect. One of the reasons we carry the Bed In A Box brand is because they address these issues by providing a cool, natural fabric over a breathable, supportive, durable foam that is CertiPUR Certified, made in the USA and does not trap you in a divot when you try to move.
  • And because all memory foam mattresses are not created equal, not all have to be exorbitant in price. Bed In A Box for example does not employ mass marketing techniques and does not use traditional shipping and warehousing channels, which allows us to offer a great quality, breathable, supportive and non-toxic USA made memory foam mattress for LESS than the big name brands.
You don't see many Pintos on the road these days because they were not made to last. And if you have been sleeping in a memory foam mattress which makes you sweat all night and is stinking of chemicals, it may be time to trade in that lemon too!