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How to Tell Where Your Mattress Is Made

Categories: USA Made

Ever wonder if the police will show up at your doorstep if you pull the tags off your bed? There are no mattress police ready to arrest you for pulling the tag off your mattress, but there really are "mattress police" if the people who make and sell mattresses do. 

Every state has a state organization which oversees mattresses and home furnishings to ensure the safety of the products. And part of that process to ensure safety is requiring manufacturers to put on the permanent label where the mattress is made and what is in it. For example, if you are looking at a mattress in the showroom of a store, you can locate the law label at the head of the bed and see exactly where it is manufactured. 

I had customers in the other day who had just come from one of our competitors on the corner of University and Sixth in Berkeley, and the salesperson told them the mattresses are made in the U.S. territory in China. Now, I wasn't a Geography Major in school, but I am 100% positive that there are no U.S.territories in China. And he showed me the business card of the salesperson, and it said the salesperson was one of the managers of the company! 

I know how tough it is for customers as they shop for a mattress to know what is the truth and what is an embellishment of the truth. But the law label is a perfect place to look as they have to, by law, put the country of origin right there on the label.

No, if you pull the tag off once you buy the mattress, no one is coming to get you. However, there is some great information on that tag, and it is better left on your mattress. 

All of the mattresses in the Nest Bedding stores proudly carry the Made in the USA label.