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Made In America Movement

"The Made in America Movement" movie is a sobering reminder as we debate this election season on the economy that most of what we consume in this country originated in another country. Simply put, we are consuming ourselves into oblivion. July 20th, 2012, I was asked to leave the company I was working for, and I was really at a crossroads about what I wanted to do. There were a few job offers on the table, and as I went through the interview process, I realized I did not want to put my ability to make a living in someone else's hands again. 

The Best Organic Mattress

What is the best organic mattress? That is a nearly impossible question to answer, however, there are some very key factors to consider when shoppi...

How to Tell Where Your Mattress Is Made

Ever wonder if the police will show up at your doorstep if you pull the tags off your bed? There are no mattress police ready to arrest you for pul...

Made In America Bedding

Here is a contrast: WalMart advertises how it helps American families by providing jobs, yet it is next to impossible to find American made product...


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