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Sleeping Hot? It Might Not Be Your Mattress

One of the chief complaints with memory foam mattresses is that they sleep hot. Sleeping hot is not only uncomfortable but can prevent you from getting proper rest. According to a recent report by Web MD:

 “When you go to sleep, your set point for body temperature -- the temperature your brain is trying to achieve -- goes down,” says H. Craig Heller, PhD, professor of biology at Stanford University, who wrote a chapter on temperature and sleep for a medical textbook. “Think of it as the internal thermostat.” If it’s too cold, as in Roy’s case, or too hot, the body struggles to achieve this set point"

There are several factors that can lead to sleeping hot in your mattress, besides the common memory foam mattress complaint. Let's discuss them.

  • Down and Feather comforters - It is my professional opinion that most people suffering from overheated sleeping is from down and feather comforters. Down is wonderful for insulation, or trapping heat, which is great on a chilly night, however, not for regulating temperature. Try switching out your down and feather comforter for a wool comforter, as wool is better for regulating body temperature.
  • Sheets - Do you sleep with heavy flannel sheets? Thick flannel can also cause you to sleep hot. Think about that cozy warm sweatshirt you have. Flannel sheets are basically the same material, and that thick cotton will prevent air flow, which is imperative for body temperature regulation. Try switching to lighter sheets, such as percale, which is a more breathable material.
  • Protectors - Mattress protectors are imperative for keeping dead skin cells, dust mites and moisture out of your mattress, but may not be the best thing for air flow. Even a breathable membrane type of mattress protector can cause you to sleep hot. Always avoid the plastic backed or vinyl backed protectors which completely cut off air flow around your body.
  • Avoid plastics - Plastic fibers are incapable of absorbing moisture. Sheets, blankets, comforters and mattress materials made with plastics can lead to hot sleeping. Replace these materials with natural materials such as wool and cotton.
It is best to keep the temperature cool in your room and regulate temperature in your bed with breathable, natural materials. Getting the temperature right can help you get the great night's sleep you desperately need. 

At Nest Bedding, we carry pillows, blankets, sheets, comforters and other sleep products made with natural materials to help our customers achieve healthy sleep. Our Nest Organics mattresses are made with natural materials such as wool, cotton and latex. Even our memory foam mattresses from Bed In A  are made with more breathable foams and natural coverings, leading to a foam mattress that does not sleep hot. 

Call any of our Nest Bedding stores or email us if you have any questions about your specific situation.