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Using An Adjustable Bed To Help With Your Snoring

Categories: snoring
Nest Bedding, with stores in the Berkeley/Albany area and San Francisco, carries a good selection of organic, natural and non-toxic bedding and mattresses. A good mattress can help you achieve the rest you need by providing proper support and comfort. And depending on what your mattress is sitting on, it can also help cut back or get rid of your snoring.
Research has shown that elevating the torso 7 degrees can help alleviate snoring. And to do so, you can upgrade to an adjustable bed. 
Typically, adjustable beds are quite pricey, so we have worked diligently to find an adjustable without all the "bells and whistles", one that elevates the head only, does not massage you or wake you up in the morning. Don't get me wrong, we still do have the top of the line adjustable bases with those features, as well as iPhone/iPad capabilities. The new affordable adjustable will be in our stores in the next month or so and should retail for around $399, substantially less than an adjustable bed.
Adjustable beds will work well with either our non-toxic memory foam mattresses or our organic, natural latex mattresses. See store for details.