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New Models, Closeouts and Balloons?

Categories: mattress shopping

Driving into the office today, a commercial came across the radio for the local big box mattress retailer screaming about the new models coming in and the old models needing to be closed out at once in a lifetime pricing.

Just a few months before, a local car dealership was running ads that sounded very similar. Closeouts, Next Year's Models, Big's no wonder people hate mattress shopping.

The truth is that there are no new mattress models, there is no "last year's models". It is just the same mattresses and they switch out the covers and the fabrics. Mattress stores like to jack the prices up and then have sales to make you feel some urgency to make the deal. Their focus is moving mattress and making money.

At Nest Bedding, we want to focus on you and your particular situation. We will talk with you about what issues you are having, and will suggest a few solutions that are in your price range. We won't use used car tactics, and the store won't be covered in balloons. At Nest Bedding, you are the focus, not your wallet. If you are looking for a good night's sleep, we carry both memory foam mattresses and organic natural mattresses in the San Francisco and Berkeley area. We have customers visiting from all over the state.