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If Firm Is Good, Why Are We Not All Sleeping On The Floor?

The generations before us, those who lived through the Great Depression and through World War II, are very familiar with living a meager existence, and living without frills. Having had to conserve and ration, for the most part, they lived in a time when excess was frowned upon. 
I think it is this influence that is still felt today as many aging Baby Boomer's who visit the mattress stores do so looking for firm to hard beds. When asked why they want firm, it usually goes back to advice or influence from a parent or grandparent. I really do think that there was a guilt associated with sleeping luxuriously and comfortably, and a feeling that the firmer the mattress, the better for the back it is.
From a professional standpoint, I can tell you that is not necessarily the case. And personally I can tell you that there is nothing wrong with being comfortable. In fact, when you are comfortable in bed, you will be able to fall asleep faster and stay in a deep sleep longer. 
Firm beds are hard; the are typically flat and unyielding, not unlike the floor or a slightly softer version of the floor. Some people find this comfortable and while that is fine for that individual, it is not a formula that everyone is to follow. 
When you stand up straight, your back has a curvature, from the neck to the tailbone. Your spine is curved like an "S", effectively acting like a coil, working with gravity to support your frame. When you are standing with perfect posture, straight and with your shoulders back, your spine is in perfect alignment and it is able to rest upon itself. 
The ideal sleep surface is not hard or soft, but rather one that supports the curvature of your spine, and allowing the muscles to relax. A properly designed mattress, be it a memory foam mattress or organic latex with coils, will cradle the curvature of your spine and support it. A worn out mattress is one that has lost its ability to support the spine and allows it to sink out of alignment. If you find yourself waking in pain everyday, it is a good indicator their could be an issue with your mattress.
Think about it logically: If hard was a good sleep surface, we would all be sleeping just fine on the floor. And while I have met those who do in fact sleep on the floor, the vast majority of people cannot sleep on the floor comfortably. The floor is hard, unyielding and flat, which not only causes pressure points and slows blood flow, but it causes the spine to fall out of alignment. 
Not everyone is created equally. And thus, not everyone has the same amount of curve in their spine. However, everyone does need support and a level of personal comfort to be able to sleep. At Nest Bedding, we have several models, from firm to super soft, yet they are all designed to support proper spinal alignment, blood circulation and give you a good night's rest. 
Come on in and let our Nestologists talk to your about your situation and help you find the right sleep surface for your needs.