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The Best Mattress for Sex?

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Ok, let's keep this at least PG-13 people. 

Why address what type of mattress is best for sex? Well, we do make mattresses and we believe our mattresses are some of the best on the market, for sleeping and more "intimate" times as well. There are plenty of surveys and studies out there that claim certain types of mattresses are better for sex than others. The primary thing that I read is that spring beds are bouncy, while foam mattresses absorb energy, and that is supposed to make spring beds better for sex.

I, for one, don't ascribe to that school of thought. In fact, I have my own list of what makes a great mattress for sex. 

  1. Is the mattress on a stable, non-squeaking base - Nothing can kill the moment like the bed hitting the wall or the entire bed feeling like it is going to collapse, or squeak like a rusty gate. A platform bed is the most ideal surface as it is very sturdy and slats don't have much to any give. Also, there is usually little to no metal on metal components on a platform bed. 
  2. Do you have a waterproof protector on the bed? - With the new DrySleep Technology available, now you can have a waterproof and breathable cover and not feel like you are making love on a plastic trash bag. And of course, the waterproof cover will ensure the mattress remains stain-free and longer lasting with use of a protector.
  3. The Springs vs Foam Debate - Alright, let me weigh in on this, from both a maker of mattresses and a human being. In certain positions, a spring bed can actually hurt, as you have more pressure coming up from the springs, while the foam absorbs that energy and cushions the body.
  4. Clean, cool sheets and blankets - Nothing is better than clean, scent-free, breathable cotton sheets and blankets for a sweat-free environment.
So, there you have it, a mattress experts take on what makes for the best mattress for sex. At Nest Bedding, we offer both spring and foam type mattresses. Next time you are in San Francisco or Berkeley looking for organic or memory foam mattresses and organic bedding, stop in and take a test nap. Sorry though, we have a cuddling-only policy in effect!