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Is It Bad To Sleep On A Soft Bed?

Categories: mattress shopping

A popular thought when selecting a new mattress is the firmer the better. However, if that was the case, we would all be sleeping peacefully on the floor, and while some do find the floor comfortable, the vast majority of people do not find sleeping on the floor to be comfortable.

A common statement in our stores is "We are looking for a firm mattress." And while support is important for everyone, firm support is not necessarily for everyone.

"Firm" and "Supportive" are two terms that are often mistakenly joined together, however, you can get a supportive mattress without sacrificing comfort. How is this possible?

Not all mattresses are created equally, and thus, different types of beds are able to provide comfort and support through different designs.

For example, an all foam mattress can be soft or firm, based on the density of the foam and the amount of the foam. A soft foam can allow you to sink into the bed, while a firmer foam can provide more resistance and give a less-yielding feel. The same goes with coil mattresses, which work with foam and coil designs. They can achieve different firmnesses not only through softer or firmer foams but softer or firmer coils. 

So the question, "Is it bad to sleep on a soft bed?", in general is "no", however, there are circumstances that can change that answer.

For example, if you weigh 300 lbs, a foam mattress with soft foam is going to perform much differently than the same mattress with someone who weighs 125 lbs. And the same physics applies to coil mattresses as well.

The key to softness and support is finding a mattress that is best for your body type and sleeping style. At Nest Bedding, we carry different firmnesses to accommodate different body types, and can customize most any mattress in our stores.