Lifetime Renewal Exchange

A comfort layer exchange you can redeem once, at any time, to alter the feel of your mattress or to increase its lifespan (this option saves you time and money while reducing waste).

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How Many Hands Are In Your Mattress?

No, they don't use hands to stuff mattresses! What I mean is how many people are making money from your mattress by the time it gets to you? This is important information to know when considering purchasing a mattress. Why? Because it will directly influence how much you are spending on your mattress compared to how much it is actually worth. When you are buying a mattress that costs two to three thousand dollars, you would like to think it is because it utilizes better quality foams and materials. However, it could simply mean, and most commonly does mean, that there are more hands in the mattress.

Let's start at the beginning, which is the company that makes the mattress. A company is like a human being: some have very bad habits and are overweight, sloppy, lazy and wasteful. Some are lean, hard working and eat well, healthy. An unhealthy mattress company will have more hands in the mattress. For example, is the mattress you are considering made by a company that is publicly traded? That means there are thousands of shareholders, all looking to make money from their shares in the company. That means there are many layers of executives, assistants, division heads, managers, sales managers, field reps, marketing department staff, etc. All of these people need to make a salary. That doesn't include the actual people who make the mattress, and the expense of the large office building they all work in, the factory, etc. 

Then there are the trucks and drivers used to truck the mattress to a distribution site or the retail outlet where the mattress is held until you buy it. There are the staff at the store where you bought it, the delivery guys and the expenses of the delivery equipment, such as the truck and insurance. 

See my point? There are a LOT of hands that need to be paid in the process, all resulting in a higher priced mattress. This is indicative of your major brand mattresses. By the time you pay 3 grand for a mattress, it is likely worth about 500 bucks.

A more lean operation, like Nest Bedding, builds a much more lean and smart business model. We find small, mom and pop type manufactures and more streamlined, affordable transportation methods. For example, Bed In A Box is a smaller operation, family owned. They ship their mattresses directly to the customer, cutting out lots of hands, resulting in a less expensive mattress. 

We use this same model for all of our suppliers so we can present you with a higher quality and less expensive product selection. 

How many hands are in your mattress?