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Is It Possible To Buy A Mattress That Doesn't Get Body Impressions?

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Feel like you are sleeping in the valley of the shadow of your mattress? Feel like you roll into a hammock when you get into bed at night? We have been conditioned to assume all beds get big body impressions or dips as they get older, and its true of some poorly made mattresses. Did you know that even some of the big name brands are designed to only last a few years?

Recent surveys by the authoritative Sleep Like The Dead  website, a leading independent authority on mattresses and bedding trends, reports that most of the lowest scoring mattresses in owner satisfaction are in fact the most recognizable names in the mattress business. This dubious honor does not seem to phase them however as they continue to churn out overpriced, poorly designed mattresses and people still buy them. They buy them because they recognize the name, and mattresses are what I call a "trust product", that is, a product that is surrounded by a notoriously unethical industry. The recognizable name makes some people feel like they can let their guard down because they are familiar with the brand. However, this is not how to shop for a mattress, especially if you are looking for a mattress that will not develop a big body impression.

Body impressions develop rather quickly on some major brand beds because they stuff them with low grade materials which matte down rather quickly after purchase. These materials feel great in the showroom, but do not hold up to weight and body moisture, leaving the mattress resemble a hammock. This indentation allows the back to sink out of alignment and results in lack of sleep and increased pain throughout the back and neck.

But not all beds develop a body impression. Latex, good, high quality latex for example does a great job of holding it's shape over time and not prematurely deteriorating. High quality memory foam can do the same thing, maintaining its shape for many years. It is the low quality foams and polyester fiber fills which lead to mattresses prematurely losing their support.

Not all mattresses develop a body impression, just low quality mattresses. The mattresses at Nest Bedding are designed to outlast many of the big name mattresses while coming in at a much more competitive price. 

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