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8 Uplifting Reasons to Make Your Bed Every Morning

Couple knows the right reasons to make your bed

Couple knows the right reasons to make your bed

You heard it all the time when you were a child, you blew it off regularly as a teenager, and you never even consider it as an adult. But at one time or another, we've all made our beds (if only just once).

Making the bed is one of those chores that, to a busy professional, seems utterly pointless. It doesn't help anything, it's only going to get messy again, and you'll be washing the sheets soon anyway. At least, that’s what you think to yourself.

But if these were excellent reasons, why tidy the living room or bother to fold your laundry before wearing it? We do these things because they make us feel better, make our home more appealing, and provide some amount of personal benefit when things are tidy and clean as opposed to cluttered and messy.

As it turns out, the same rules apply to making your bed.

While you may not think that straightening the pillows and making sure the duvet is neat will make a difference, try making your bed every day for a week and see how it changes your daily outlook.

To help you with this questionable comforter-tidying decision, let us outline a few reasons to make your bed every day and feel fabulous doing it.

1. Put Away that Sleepy Feeling

When you wake up from a deep and restful sleep, the urge is almost always to snuggle deeper into your pillows and luxuriate in your soft mattress for a few moments longer. Getting up, your body still quietly longs for silky sheets and a few more minutes of rest. During your morning routine, that rumpled, unmade bed calls out to you to fall back into it right where your body was when you got up.

Making your bed, on the other hand, literally puts away the feeling that you can crawl back into bed by making sure the bed is in a different state from waking up. Fluff the pillows and pull the sheets straight to remove your body indent and pull the blankets over the top of the pillows to completely seal away the temptation to sleep a little longer. When your bed is tidy, your mind will accept that making you feel sleepy isn't going to get you back between those sheets and it will become easier to wake up and face the day.

2. Protect Your Sheets from Crumbs and Activity

Many people live half their home life in their bedroom as their space for privacy and personal pursuits. Some people like to camp out on their bed with a laptop or mobile device and enjoy a work session, accomplish some homework, surf the web, or socialize on their most comfortable piece of furniture. Your bed may also act as an additional surface in the bedroom, inviting pets to jump on the bed or even offering a cozy evening full of snacks and tv binges.

The fact of the matter is that beds get used for a lot of things during the day, which can invite a variety of crumbs, dirt, and debris. Those crumbs can lead to late-night itching or constant sheet washing. You can save both your skin and your sheets some wear-and-tear by closing your comforter up over the soft 'insides' of the bed during the day.

3. Start Your Day on the Right Foot

Many people spend the first hour or two of their day shuffling around feeling like the living dead. In this pre-caffeine state, you may feel like you can't get anything practical done, which will lead to not getting anything done at all until your brain boots up. But as it turns out, making the bed is simple. Even if you can barely keep your eyes open at first, toss the pillows into the right place, spread out the comforter and take a moment to feel accomplished.

The act of doing a single simple chore in the morning can make you feel more capable and remind you that there are a lot of things around the house that even a morning zombie can do. You may find yourself picking up clutter, wiping the bathroom counter, or organizing mugs in the kitchen. And by the time your brain fully boots up, you might be surprised how much the morning zombie achieved.

4. Get the Momentum for More Bedroom Tidying

For those of you who like a tidy room but never manage to accomplish it, making your bed every day can have a profoundly beneficial effect. The inconsistency of your nice bed compared to the dirty room is often enough to inspire people to tidy the rest of the room to make it all match. Once you've tackled making the bed, throwing clothes into the hamper, arranging the closet, and organizing personal items on your dresser is a piece of cake.

5. Organize Your Thoughts for the Day

For morning people who spring out of bed every day, an activity may be natural in the morning but organization—not so much. Morning people are more likely to be energetic but because they don't need that hour or so of 'boot up time,' they are also more likely to forget to eat breakfast, let the cat out, or grab their keys before heading out the door.

However, just one coordinated action at the very beginning of your day can make a difference. By making your bed, you are effectively putting your body through the motions of getting organized. Pulling the sheet corners tight, laying the pillows just-so, and arranging the blanket on top to protect it all is a surprisingly organizing ritual for those who need it and can help morning people start thinking in an organized fashion before you rush out the door.

6. Come Home to a Neat Room

Coming home from a hard day of work or school, we all know that depressive feeling of opening the door to see a cluttered house. More work to do, we think, and then flop on the couch to ignore all the work that needs doing. If you have ever felt this way, then making the bed could be one of the best innovations for your at-home morale. Not only does making the bed often inspire more and better cleaning efforts, but it also turns your bedroom into a tidy problem-free haven where you can relax away from work and responsibilities for a while.

7. Do Your Partner a Favor

If you share a bed with someone else (and they get up first), making the bed is a special gift you can give them so that they don't have to worry about it. While you get all the benefits of an organized mind, they still get the passive benefits of a cleaner bedroom (and the inspiration to clean further) and a comfortable retreat when they come home from work.

If your partner tends to wake up second and leave the bed unmade, don't ask them to take up a new chore. Instead, gain bonus points by sneaking into the bedroom after they wake up and make the bed, so the room is tidy and surprisingly welcoming the next time they return.

8. Always Be Guest-Ready

Finally, for socialites and people with close friends who visit all the time, there is still the vague possibility that someone will swing by and either hang out in or merely catch a glimpse of your bedroom. While everyone understands that messy bedrooms happen, routinely making your bed every morning can ensure that your personal space is guest-approved and you won’t be embarrassed when friends walk past. It also offers somewhere clean for you and a guest to sit and chat.

Enjoying your bedroom can happen in a lot of different ways, but few people realize just how great making the bed every morning can be. If you've been fighting back the clutter-forces of a messy bedroom or merely want a more efficient frame of mind every day, use one of these reasons to make your bed. It won't hurt, and you might be surprised just how much you enjoy the results. For more great tips on how to love your bed day or night, contact us today!