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Is A Mattress Warranty Important?

Categories: warranties

A customer recently asked a question in our San Francisco Nest Bedding store I had not heard in quite some time, and I thought it deserved further discussion: "Is a mattress warranty important?" 

Of course there is the obvious point of a mattress warranty, ensuring you are covered if there happens to be some kind of manufacturing defect or error that causes the mattress to fall apart. And yet I see people in our store on a daily basis with 3, 4, 5 year old mattresses falling apart, uncomfortable, and the new customer is looking for a new mattress. Didn't they get a warranty? Why are they getting a new mattress?

Asking about a warranty is wise, of course, as no mattress company worth their salt would produce a product and not stand behind it for a reasonable amount of time. At Nest Bedding, we are no different, in that we offer to replace or repair for a minimum of 10 years. But why are people coming to buy new mattresses after such a short amount of time?

First of all, when they bought the mattress, they likely asked how long the mattress should last. And likely they were told how long the mattress is warrantied. The warranty, however, is how long the warranty will last, not the mattress. A good quality foam or natural mattress should last a minimum of 10 years, however, many do not last that long. 

Most companies make it a difficult and confusing process to try to do a warranty exchange and most people give up and just want a good night's sleep, opting instead to just go out and get a new mattress.

Secondly, a warranty is only as good as the details of the warranty. It can be warrantied for 100 years, but if it is prorated, which means the mattress loses value every year, your warranty would not be worth much. Always ask for details as to what your warranty covers.

A good mattress company proudly stands behind their products. At Nest Bedding, our memory foam and natural mattresses are built to last and carry an honest, forthright warranty.