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Best Way To Read In Bed

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Nowadays, your mattress is getting more and more unconventional usage.What is designed for sleeping is now being used for reading, working and entertainment. People are using their bedrooms for more than just sleeping, which is not necessarily a good thing. Sleep Experts will tell you that you do not want increased brain stimulation right before you go to bed, so it is best to keep all other non-bedroom activities out of the bedroom.

However, the reality is, the bedroom is becoming the office, the den, the library and the study. With more people using their bedrooms to sit up and work, watch TV and read, the question arises: "What is the best way to read in bed?"

There is a wrong and a right way to sit up in bed. Some people will use the traditional method of stacking a couple of pillows behind the neck to elevate the head for reading or viewing. This is about the worst way to use the bed for reading. Propping your head up with pillows puts your neck in a very unnatural position and adds undue strain. 

The best ways to sit up in bed to read or other viewing activities is to either use an adjustable bed or a wedge. 

An adjustable bed is not just for medical purposes any longer. Any mattress in the Nest Bedding offering can be placed on an adjustable bed, which allows you to raise your upper body into a seated position, allowing you to comfortably read or work. 

A foam wedge is another alternative to propping your head up. A foam wedge can elevate your body much the same way an adjustable bed does without the expense.

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