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A little bird told us you live near a Nest Bedding showroom.

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New Organic Mattress Stores in Berkeley, Ca?

There is a new organic mattress store in Berkeley, California?

That is right, there is yet another new organic mattress store in Berkeley, Ca. Across the street from the Whole Foods in Berkeley, Ca, there is a new organic mattress store going in. What does that mean? It means there is a big demand for organic mattresses in the East Bay! Nest Bedding was born out of this demand, and we identified a need for high quality, low priced organic mattresses that are affordable natural mattresses. What is this new organic mattress store going to carry?

The new store is carrying Savvy Rest organic latex mattresses. How are the mattresses at Nest Bedding different? Are they carrying anything different than other organic natural mattress stores in the Berkeley and Albany areas?

The Wooden Duck already carries the Savvy Rest organic latex mattresses. Why another organic natural latex retailer? I don't know, but we at Nest Bedding in Albany, Ca, welcome the comparisons to Savvy Rest Latex mattresses.

Nest Bedding carries an affordable line of natural latex mattresses which are not available at any other store in the San Francisco Bay area. We build our organic and natural latex mattresses with zones to accommodate the natural curves of your body. When using just a flat, consistent piece of latex, it adds pressure to your body where your body sinks in more, such as your hips and your shoulders. 

Another key advantage to the Nest Bedding line of organic natural mattresses is that our latex rests in its own protected compartment. That means the latex is not exposed to coils. Latex is fragile and can easily tear. Savvy Rest cuts corners and does not sock their latex.

Nest Bedding latex organic mattresses are also less expensive than the Savvy Rest organic mattresses. Please consider our Yelp Reviews when doing your research. We think you will find that Nest Bedding is more affordable, better built and provides a high level of customer satisfaction. Nest Bedding mattresses were also named Best Beds and Mattresses in the Bay Area.